ESI U46XL, Audio interface

Item number: 10013971
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Audio interface • DJ Audio Interface • 4 x 6 Compact USB audio interface • 6 analogue output channels • 4 analogue inut channels: 2x Stereo Line or 1x Mic / 1x Hi-Z • Converter with 100dBA dynamic range • Microphone preamp with selectable +48V phantom power • Separate mix output in RCA phono jacks • Bus Powered, no mains adapter necessary • EWDM-driver with ASIO 2.0 support • Windows XP compatible (min. SP2 recommended), Windows Vista compatible, Mac OS X compatibel (ab 10.3) • Cubase LE 4 by Steinberg for Mac and PC included • The ESI U46XL is a bus-powered mobile USB audio interface with 4 input and 6 output channels in a stylish white / aluminum case. It is the ideal mobile audio interface. The EWI U46XL interface provides 2 stereo line inputs, a XLR microphone input with +48V phantom power as well as a Hi-Z instrument input and a headphone output. Two separate stereo line input on the rear panel provide four simultaneously usable input channels at one time. There are also six independent individual outputs on the rear panel for multi-channel playback applications like to provide individual outputs for software synthesizers, to provide independent playback channels for DJ software or to provide surround playback capability via a 5.1 setup. A separate mix output with TRS jack outputs could be used to connect U46XL to professional stereo studio monitors. The U46XL features DirectWIRE support to record signals from one application to another internally. U46XL works with this driver based on EWDM technology under Windows XP and Windows Vista/7, U46 XL is also Mac OS X compatible. U46 XL ships with Cubase LE 4 from Steinberg for Mac and PC to start recording on a professional level right out of the box. U46XL is powered via the USB bus, no need for external power supplies. With the EWDM-driver the U46XL works perfectly with all of the latest audio equipments even with professional recording and DJ-software: ASIO, MME, WDM,CoreAudio and DirectX are supported by the driver.