Eowave Domino

Eowave Domino, Synthesizer

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Synthesizer • Module / Expansion • Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer • 1 Oscillator (Sawtooth to square wave) • LFO Modulation • Pulse width modulation • 24dB Filter with resonance • LFO with Speed and Type Parameters • LFO synchronizable with MIDI Clock • Analog VCA • Arpeggiator • MIDI IN • Audio Out • Audio In • The eowave Domino is a discrete analog synthesizer with a VCO in the tradition of the MS20 and TB303 synths. The VCO, filter & VCA are designed with transistors. This transistor architecture gives Domino a unique raw sound. The VCO offers a mix between sawtooth and square. Pulse width can be modulated by the LFO. The filter is a low-pass 24dB resonant filter. The analogue envelope range is from 1ms to 10s with attack, decay, sustain / release.The LFO has 8 different waveforms. On waveform 8, the modulation wheel can replace the LFO. MIDI CC 8 to 16 can transform the LFO in a sequencer to modulate pitch, pulsewidth, filter cutoff. The VCA can be modulated by a gate or by an envelope. In the legato mode, playing notes will generate glide between two notes. The glide time can be edited via MIDI CC. Additional features include an eight step sequencer, an arpeggiator and an accent recognition.