Engl Powerball II E645/2 White Edition

Engl Powerball II E645/2 White Edition, Guitar Amp Head

Item number: 10064575
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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 100 W • Channels: 4 • Gain Levels: 4 • EQ: Bass / mids / treble per channel • Inserts: Series / Parallel • Pre Amp Valves: 4x 12AX7 • Power Amp Valves: 1x 12AX7, 4x 6L6 • Impedance: 4/8/16 ohms • Special Features: Limited White Edition • Engl Powerball Head Front panel: 4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Lo Gain Lead and Hi Gain Lead; 2 Gain knobs each for CH I (Clean & Crunch) and CH II (Lo Gain and Hi Gain Lead) 4 Volume knobs: Clean, Crunch, Lo Lead, Hi Lead; Bright and Bottom sound-shaping buttons for CH I; Separate Bottom sound-shaping button for CH II Lo Lead and Hi Lead; 4-way voicing section, Bass, Middle, Treble Clean, Treble Crunch for CH I; 4-way voicing section, Bass, Mid Open, Mid Focused, Treble for Ch II; CHI/II channel switch, Gain Lo/Hi, Sound style selector Open/Focused (affects all channels), Master A/B, switchable on the device or via two ENGL Z-4s or an ENGL Z-5 Custom Footswitch, A and B power amp Master knobs; Power amp Presence and Depth Punch knobs; Electronic monitoring system for the power amp tubes; Standby switch. Rear panel: 2 stereo ¼” jacks for the Z-4 two-way footswitch; D-Sub 9 port for connecting the ENGL Z-5 Custom Footswitch; Noise Gate Threshold for activating the lead channels´ Noise Gate and setting the desired threshold for the Noise Gate; F.X. Loop Send / Return with Balance knob; Power amp outputs: 2 x 4 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms and 1 x 16 ohms; 100 watts, 4 6L6GC power amp tubes. The Powerball – ENGL’s new world-class, all-tube head: The latest in a long line of illustrious amps born in the ENGL sound labs, this tone-generating machine throws open a window to totally new sonic dimension. Uncompromising and relentless when it comes to delivering the tonal goods, this beast gives the ambitious guitarist the tools he needs to carve out a sonic niche of his very own. Courtesy of its dynamo 100-watt power amp and specially selected transformers, the POWERBALL lets out a ferocious roar of bone-rattling low end that to date no other amp has been able to deliver. That bottom end rumble, in combination with ultra-fast, highly dynamic gain response, makes for an incomparable sonic experience. Crystal-clear clean tone, crisp crunch sounds and the punchiest lead sounds ever offered by an ENGL amp turn even the most ordinary session into a physical and auditory event to remember. Technical details: The ENGL Powerball is a state-of-the-art guitar head featuring four channels in all-tube design: Clean, Crunch and two lead channels with different gain tunings - Lo Lead for swift response and Hi Lead with enhanced gain levels, massive low end and a mighty punch. A Bottom button boosts low end response for each lead channel, intensifying what is already considerable bottom end punch. If the occasion calls for mega depth punch, this is the button to push. The two primary channels each sport a specially tuned three-way voicing section: Main Channel I (Clean & Crunch) with separate Treble knobs for Clean and Crunch Main Channel II (Lo Lead & Hi Lead) with two Mid knobs, Open and Focused. This means that the midranges of the two sound styles are separately adjustable and accessible via footswitch. In addition, the Open and Focused sound styles affect the Clean and Crunch channel so that they can be tuned precisely to taste. Each channel is equipped with a Volume knob. This makes it possible to dial in precisely the desired balance of levels for the different channels. Beyond that, there are two Master (A & B) knobs for presetting different overall levels. Power amp outputs: 2 x 4 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms and 16 ohms for various speaker combinations. Footswitch functions: Ch I/II, Gain Lo/Hi, Open/Focused sound style selection, Master A/B; Clean - Crunch and Lead Lo - Hi are switched via Gain Lo/Hi. ENGL Z-5 Custom Footswitch port: This footboard is the command center for controlling all switching options remotely. Power amp Presence and Depth Punch knobs. 4 x 6L6GC-powered 100-watt power amp with electronic circuit breaker. Adjustable FX Loop (0 to 100% from parallel to serial); Noise Gate in the two Lead channels with adjustable Threshold.