Engl E580 Midi Tube *DEMO

Engl E580 Midi Tube *DEMO, Guitar Preamp

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Guitar Preamp • Technology: Valve • MIDI: yes • Inserts: Series • Recording Out: yes • Pre Amp Valves: 4x 12AX7 • Outputs: 3 x Jack, 2x XLR • Design: 19", 2U • Special Features: Programmable • Engl E580 Midi Tube preamp What the Engl E580 Midi Tube preamp means to you: 1. utmost ease of use and remarkably intuitive handling 2. excellent sound-shaping options and greatest flexibility courtesy of its many special features and programming possibilities 3. one preamp for every gig - live, studio and home-recording - featuring an onboard programmable speaker simulation system 4. extremely wide range of sounds produced by custom-designed, programmable filter systems in the individual tube stages The different sound-shaping buttons actually shape the characteristic curve. This technology can´t be realized with conventional tube preamps, which is why this preamp is literally one of a kind. 5. processor-controlled knobs and buttons allow stored sounds to be reproduced with absolute precision any time, anywhere, under any operating conditions 6. This ultra-advanced sound-generating machine will give you years of playing pleasure and value to boot.