Electro Harmonix Memory Boy

Electro Harmonix Memory Boy, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Chorus • Technology: Analog • Special Features: Incl. Echo and Vibrato • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Including: AC Adapter •
    Analog Delay Pedal with 550ms of Delay Time and Chorus/Vibrato • Smooth analogue delay designed from the 1970's Memory Man and the Deluxe Memory Man • All analogue delay with Feedback • 550ms delay time • Selectable Chorus or Vibrato modulations rates • Choose between triangle or square modulation waveforms • Expression pedal control of delay time or modulation rate (expression pedal extends the range of modulation rate) • True Bypass • Tap tempo • EFX loop • The Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy effects pedal provies guitarists with a streamlined analogue version of a pedalboard classic. The result of two years of R&D, Memory Boy stays true to its heritage while using newly refined analogue ICs. Affordable, pedalboard-friendly, and steeped in the heritage of a legend, every guitarist needs a Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy echo, chorus, and vibrato effects pedal! The Electro-Harmonix XO Memory Boy is a smooth analogue delay guitar effects pedal decended from the 1970s Memory Man and the Deluxe Memory Man. The Electro-Harmonix XO Memory Boy uses the Deluxe Memory Man as a base and adds modulation features and an optional expression pedal input for external control over delay time or modulation rate. The Electro-Harmonix XO Memory Boy pedal features a 550ms delay time, a three-way toggle switch to add vibrato or chorus, or control the delay time with an external expression pedal. Since the early 1970s, Electro-Harmonix has been designing analog delays featured on some of the greatest recordings and used by musicians worldwide. From the original Memory Man guitar pedal to the Deluxe Memory Man, still available today, Electro-Harmonix delay pedals are desired effects that deliver textures that define quality.
Electro Harmonix

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