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Gibson Les Paul Junior VS Limited Edition 2016 « Electric GuitarGibson Les Paul Junior VS Limited Edition 2016, Electric Guitar€ 1.399,-

Les Paul Junior


It was already in 1952 when Gibson introduced the first Les Paul. The Les Paul was Gibsons first solid body guitar, it was meant to be the answer to the Fender Telecaster, which was already verysuccessful on the market. Gibson were´nt sure if they should have the name Gibson on their new-fashioned guitar... so they contacted the most famous guitarists of that time to assure success.
Les Paul, alias Rhubarb Red, alias Lester William Polfuss (1915-2009) whom they turned away holding his prototype solid body guitar years earlier! It sold quite well in the begining but was taken from the market due to sinking sales and replaced it with the SG-Modell. And then in 1965 a certain Eric Clapton plugged his 60´s Les Paul into a Marshall amp...