EBS MultiDrive

EBS MultiDrive, Bass Guitar Effect

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Bass Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Overdrive • Technology: Analog • Dimensions (WxHxD / cm): 7,5 x 5,0 x 11,3 • Weight: 400 g • Power supply: 9 VDC, Center negative • Power Consumption: 30 mA • Country of Origin: Made in China • Including: Mains adapter (optional) also runs on Batteries, 9 V Battery included • Class A overdrive and distortion effect • Overdrive, fuzz, and distortion effects •
Standard, Flat, and Tube-simulation modes • Drive and volume knobs • Preserves entire frequency range of signal • Noiseless switching • Rugged construction • The EBS MultiDrive Universal Overdrivee Pedal is a premium overdrive, fuzz, and distortion pedal for bass. The EBS MultiDrive is a Class A overdrive pedal for sustain, distortion, and tube-style overdrive effects. The Mode switch selects Flat, Standard, or Tube-simulation overdrive sounds while the Drive and Volume knobs control the amount of effect and output level. EBS bass effect pedals are designed to preserve the entire frequency range of your bass signal, use noiseless FET switching, are suitable both for studio and live use, feature robust construction, and are easy to use.