Dynacord D 12-3

Dynacord D 12-3, Passive PA-Speakers

Item number: 100028421
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Passive PA-Speakers • Fullrange • Design: Trapezoid cabinet • Components: 12" LF- / Neodymium MF- / 1" HF-driver • Power (watts rms): 350 W • Impedance: 8 ohms • Frequency range: 70 Hz - 18 kHz (-10 dB) • SPL ( 1w/1m): 100 dB • Max. SPL ( 1 W/1 m): 131 dB • directional characteristic: 90° x 50° • Internal cross over: Yes • Connections: Neutrik Speakon • Enclosure: Black PVC plastic • Flyability: Yes • Pole flange: Yes • Special features: Neodymium mid range driver • Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 586 x 321 mm • Weight: 19,0 kg • Features:
  • 3-way fullrange
  • Max input ratings: 350 watts
  • Max. SPL : 100 dB
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency range: 70 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Components: 12“ woofer, 1 x Neodymium mid range, 1“ driver on a 90° x 50 ° Horn
  • Integrated aluminium pole-mount stand adapter
  • Multi-angle cabinet
  • Enclosure is sealed with black, extremely durable structure lacquer
  • Dimensions: 429 x 586 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
With the newly designed D12-3, DYNACORD fulfils a long-time customer demand for a light-weight, extremely robust high-performance professional 12“ 3-way plastic cabinet for use in professional, portable and fixed install sound reinforcement applications. With a variety of suspension accessories and conservative cosmetics, the D12-3 is also ideally suited to be used in demanding fixed installations. The cabinet is manufactured from Polypropylene and therefore is extremely resistant against abuse on the road. For low frequencies an Electro-Voice DL12BFH is used. The midrange is projected from the ultra-low distortion DYNACORD DND 6120 Neodymium cone transducer with a conical radiation pattern of 120°. The DND 6120 guarantees excellent intelligibility without any necessity of precise aiming. The Electro-Voice DH 3 driver is used for the projection of the high frequencies. The Constant-Directivity HF horn has been integrated into the baffle by CAD methods. Nominal coverage angle of the cabinet is 90°*50°, horizontal*vertical respectively. Power handling of the cabinet is 350W (continuous), 700W (program) and 1400W (peak). The maximum sound pressure level is 128dB, the frequency range of the D12-3 is 70Hz to 18kHz. The D12-3 is ideally suited for applications as full-range cabinet or as Mid-Hi cabinet in high-performance small-format active and passive satellite systems. D12-3s can also be used with appropriate passive subwoofers with built-in passive low pass filters, e.g. DYNACORD’s SUB 115. The D12-3 can be connected directly to the SUB 115 and no additional sub amp or external crossover network is required. The acoustic results of parallel connected D12-3s and SUB 115s are excellent. Every transducer is protected against thermal overload with an electronic circuit called VOICE COIL TRACKING PROTECTION or halogen protectors. This circuit senses the terminal voltages of the transducers and simulates the thermal behaviour of the transducers’ voice coil. In case of a potential thermal overload the power applied to the speakers is reduced to a safe level. Power amps up to 1400W 8 Ohms can be used in order to have maximum dynamic range without the danger of thermal overload in non-controlled situations. The VOICE COIL TRACKING PROTECTION exhibits ‘soft’ switching characteristics, so no annoying clicks or pops are audible. The circuitry automatically resets after the voice coil temperature has reached a safe value. Extremely durable acoustic foam mounted to a strong powder coated steel grille protects the loudspeaker components against any mechanical damage. The recessed mounted SPEAKON-type connectors allow hassle-free operation of the D12-3 cabinet even when space matters. The trapezoidal shaped enclosure also allows employing the cabinet in monitoring applications that require extended low-frequency response compared to regular monitor speakers. A stable, integrated carrying handle and the integrated stand socket for pole-mount stands allow easy transportation and set-up. MP-Rating: Everybody wanted it, so Dynacord built it ! A great piece of equipment matching the criteria of an extreme light, sturdy 12“ 3-Weg " unbreakable " Polypropylene Enclosure for professional road use and installed concepts for small and middle-sized events. 5 Stars Legend: 1 Star – still room for improvement! 2 Stars – overall impression satisfactory! 3 Stars – good price/performance value! 4 Stars – very recommendable! 5 Stars – highly recommendable! 6 Stars – unbeatable top product!