Dux Bum Bum Tschak

Dux Bum Bum Tschak, Instructional Book

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Instructional Book • Instrument: Drums • Author: Gerwin Eisenhauer • Language: German • Format: DIN A4 • Year of publication: 2008 • Level: Easy • Including: 2 CDs • Bum Bum Tschak is the new broad drum instrumental book for beginners which introduces grooves and styles, snare techniques and rudiments, body percussion and jam tracks. Contents:> For teachers
    The Groove Chapter The Technique Chapter The Music Chapter Grooves > 1. Pop-/Rock-Grooves (1/8-Hi Hat) AC/DC like Rock 2. Zweitaktige Grooves (1/8-Hi Hat) Samba-/Bossafeel 3. Pop-/Rock-Grooves (1/4-Hi Hat) 4. Pop-/Rock-Grooves (1/4 and 1/8-Hi Hat) Bluesy Rockfeel 5. Pop-/Rock-Grooves (Off-Beat-Hi Hat) Heavy KORNY Rock 6. Pop-/Rock-Grooves (Mixing 1/8, 1/4, Offbeat-Hi Hat) 7. 1/4-/1/8-Fills 8. Tyrolean Grooves - 12/8-Feel 9. Hi Hat-Openings I 10. 1/16 Hi Hat-Grooves I, Crossover-Groove 11. 1/16 Hi Hat-Grooves II 12. 1/16l-Fills 13. Hi Hat-Openings II 14. 1/16 Hi Hat-Grooves III 15. Tyrolean Grooves -Shuffle, Tyrolean FATS-Feel 16. Tyrolean Fills 17. Modern Grooves/Hip-Hop with syncopated snare figures 18. Modern Grooves/Funk/Hip-Hop with syncopated bass drum-/snare figures 19. Modern Grooves - The funky Hip-Hop-Kit Technique >
      Rudiments Single Stroke Roll Double Stroke Roll Paradiddle Flam Triplets I Triplets II 1/16 I 1/16 II 1/16 III Reading Exercises >
        1/4 notes and breaks 1/4- and 1/8-notes 1/8-notes and 1/8-break 1/4- and 1/8-break 1/4- and 1/8-notes/breaks 1/16l- and 1/8-notes 1/16-, 1/8- and ¼-notes Triplets and ¼-notes Mixed note values Songs >
          London Walk April Rocks B´s Rockballad B´s Blues G´s Dance Appendix>
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