Dunlop Ultex

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Dunlop Ultex Standard 0,73mm (6Stck) « PickDunlop Ultex Standard 0,73mm (6Stck), Pick€ 4,30 Dunlop Ultex Standard 1,00mm (6Stck) « PickDunlop Ultex Standard 1,00mm (6Stck), Pick€ 4,60 Dunlop Standard 1,14 mm (72Stck) « PickDunlop Standard 1,14 mm (72Stck), Pick€ 25,90 Dunlop Ultex Standard 0,60mm (6Stck) « PickDunlop Ultex Standard 0,60mm (6Stck), Pick€ 4,60 Dunlop Ultex Standard 1,14mm (6Stck) « PickDunlop Ultex Standard 1,14mm (6Stck), Pick€ 4,60 Dunlop Ultex Jazz III John Petrucci, (6Stck) « PickDunlop Ultex Jazz III John Petrucci, (6Stck), Pick€ 6,10


The Jim Dunlop Ultex series is based on the old picks which were made from real tortoise shell. The Ultex Picks feel like tortoise shell and also sound like these type of picks. The poor turtles will be pleased!