Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Classic Wah

Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Classic Wah, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Wah-Wah •
    Cry Baby Wah Pedal with Italian-made Fasel Inductors • Italian-made Fasel Inductors • Heavy die cast construction • 100K ohm Hot Potz potentiometer • Requires a 9V battery or AC adapter • The Dunlop Crybaby pedal is a true rock classic every guitar player should have! Maybe George didnt need no Wah-Wah, but the rest of us do. And eveyone gets their wah from the Dunlop Classic Crybaby. The wah that made the whole world cry. The Dunlop Cry Baby Classic features Italian-made Fasel inductors, the same kind used on the very first wah effects pedals, including the legendary Cry Baby Classic wah-wah sounds from the 60s from the heavy-duty, die-cast Dunlop Crybaby Classic Fasel Inductor Wah Pedal. This pedal features the Fasel inductor which was the key to the tone, sweep, and voice of the very first Crybaby. Dunlop has gained exclusive distribution rights to these components, so guitarists can rediscover the lost tone of the original Crybaby / Fasel wah pedal. The Dunlop Crybaby Classic Wah Pedal features a 100kOhm Hot Potz potentiometer for quick, abrupt wah sounds.