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Sabian HHX Effects Pack « Cymbal SetSabian HHX Effects Pack, Cymbal Set€ 429,- Sabian HHX SA11402XLB « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian HHX SA11402XLB, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 459,- Sabian HHX SA12012XB « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX SA12012XB, Ride-Cymbal€ 379,- Sabian HHX SA12189XB « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX SA12189XB, Ride-Cymbal€ 419,- Sabian HHX SA12285XN Manhattan Jazz « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX SA12285XN Manhattan Jazz, Ride-Cymbal€ 379,- Sabian HHX SA11608XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11608XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 279,- Sabian HHX SA11808XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11808XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 329,- Sabian HHX SA11402XC « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian HHX SA11402XC, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 459,- Sabian 18" HHX New Symphonic Viennese « Marching CymbalsSabian 18" HHX New Symphonic Viennese, Marching Cymbals€ 659,- Sabian HHX Evolution 19" Crash « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX Evolution 19" Crash, Crash-Cymbal€ 365,- Sabian HHX Omni Ride « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX Omni Ride, Ride-Cymbal€ 449,- Sabian HHX SA11005XB « SplashSabian HHX SA11005XB, Splash€ 145,- Sabian HHX SA11406XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11406XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 229,- Sabian HHX SA11606XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11606XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 279,- Sabian HHX SA11692XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11692XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 279,- Sabian HHX SA11792XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11792XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 299,- Sabian HHX SA11806XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11806XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 329,- Sabian HHX SA11990XJM « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11990XJM, Crash-Cymbal€ 359,- Sabian HHX SA12085XN « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX SA12085XN, Ride-Cymbal€ 379,- Sabian HHX SA12280XPH Phoenix « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX SA12280XPH Phoenix, Ride-Cymbal€ 449,- Sabian HHX 19" Omni « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX 19" Omni, Ride-Cymbal€ 359,- Sabian HHX SA12016XZ « Chinese-CymbalSabian HHX SA12016XZ, Chinese-Cymbal€ 399,- Sabian HHX SA12112XNJM « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX SA12112XNJM, Ride-Cymbal€ 419,- Sabian HHX SA11808X « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11808X, Crash-Cymbal€ 329,- Sabian HHX SA11205XB « SplashSabian HHX SA11205XB, Splash€ 179,- Sabian HHX SA11302XJM « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian HHX SA11302XJM, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 419,- Sabian HHX SA11402XB « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian HHX SA11402XB, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 459,- Sabian HHX SA11487XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11487XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 229,- Sabian HHX SA11587XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11587XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 259,- Sabian HHX SA11589XB, 15" Groove « Hi-Hat-CymbalSabian HHX SA11589XB, 15" Groove, Hi-Hat-Cymbal€ 509,- Sabian HHX SA11687XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11687XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 279,- Sabian HHX SA11787XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11787XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 289,- Sabian HHX SA11887XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11887XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 329,- Sabian HHX SA11890XJM « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11890XJM, Crash-Cymbal€ 329,- Sabian HHX SA11892XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11892XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 319,- Sabian HHX SA11987XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11987XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 359,- Sabian HHX SA11992XB « Crash-CymbalSabian HHX SA11992XB, Crash-Cymbal€ 359,- Sabian HHX SA12016XB « Chinese-CymbalSabian HHX SA12016XB, Chinese-Cymbal€ 399,- Sabian HHX SA12172XN « Ride-CymbalSabian HHX SA12172XN, Ride-Cymbal€ 459,-

Sabian HHX

HHX is the best of HH, AA, and AAX together. Due to the different thicknesses and weight increments every drummer for his style is the perfect cymbal.
HHX cymbals are edited with a big hammer, thus we continue to selectively compresses the metal, and the cymbal response is quicker.
All HHX cymbals apart from the "Manhattan designs" have a slightly thicker, rough, not wacky pelvic crest, thereby obtaining the cymbals sound a broader spectrum.