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Magnum MRS HYM-1 « Replacement UnitMagnum MRS HYM-1, Replacement Unit£ 3,05 Magnum 2,3 mm MSPH-14-12D Schlagseite « Drum KeysMagnum 2,3 mm MSPH-14-12D Schlagseite, Drum Keys£ 16,55 Magnum MRS MBK-1-BK « Replacement UnitMagnum MRS MBK-1-BK, Replacement Unit£ 3,05 Magnum MRS Custom Set 50 Fusion Kit « Drum KitMagnum MRS Custom Set 50 Fusion Kit, Drum Kit£ 521,-


The drum of the Magnum MRS custom exist of 100% Taiwan-maple. The thickness of the Toms is 7mm / floor Toms and Bass drums is 8mm. The mill grooving inside is 45° with the Toms and 60° with the bass drums.
Genrally the drums are furnished with Remo hides.
You can find preconfigured drum sets on offer in our online shop, as we would like to avoid extremly long delivery times.