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Magnum Birch 10-6 « Percussion holderMagnum Birch 10-6, Percussion holder£ 17,35 Magnum Birch BDR-1 « Replacement UnitMagnum Birch BDR-1, Replacement Unit£ 26,05 Magnum Birch BDS-2 « Replacement UnitMagnum Birch BDS-2, Replacement Unit£ 42,65 Magnum Birch MBBD « Replacement UnitMagnum Birch MBBD, Replacement Unit£ 1,75


Our most popular middle class beginners set: High gloss birch drums, free swing system for the Toms, pre-dampened skins and sturdy braced 700er Magnum HW set in the actual 2008 version.

The Magnum sets do not only impress beginners but also all other price-concious drummers. These type of music friendly prices are only possible due to uncompromising purchasing.

The market for such drum sets offers a wide and diverse choice of beginner sets.
If Magnum is on it, then Magnum is in it...quality at a fair price!