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Evans Edge Control EC1 Clear TT18EC1 « Tom HeadEvans Edge Control EC1 Clear TT18EC1, Tom Head€ 38,10 Evans EQ-3 Resonant  BD20RGCW-NP « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EQ-3 Resonant BD20RGCW-NP, Bass-Drum Head€ 49,90 Evans Resonant Black BD20RBG « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Resonant Black BD20RBG, Bass-Drum Head€ 46,90 Evans Onyx ETP-ONX2-F Fusion « Head SetEvans Onyx ETP-ONX2-F Fusion, Head Set€ 57,90 Evans EMAD BD22EMAD « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EMAD BD22EMAD, Bass-Drum Head€ 50,- Evans EQ-3 Resonant Black BD20RB « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EQ-3 Resonant Black BD20RB, Bass-Drum Head€ 49,90 Evans Heavyweight B14HW « Snare HeadEvans Heavyweight B14HW, Snare Head€ 23,90 Evans Hydraulic Snare Blue B14HB « Snare HeadEvans Hydraulic Snare Blue B14HB, Snare Head€ 20,90 Evans Onyx ETP-ONX2-R Rock « Head SetEvans Onyx ETP-ONX2-R Rock, Head Set€ 60,90 Evans Real Feel RF6-GM « Practice PadEvans Real Feel RF6-GM, Practice Pad€ 29,90 Evans 14'' Calftone Tom « Tom HeadEvans 14'' Calftone Tom, Tom Head€ 21,90 Evans Calftone 22" Bass Drum Head « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Calftone 22" Bass Drum Head, Bass-Drum Head€ 45,90 Evans DATK Torque Key « Tuning KeyEvans DATK Torque Key, Tuning Key€ 25,- Evans Edge Control EC2S Clear ETP-EC2SCLR-F « Head SetEvans Edge Control EC2S Clear ETP-EC2SCLR-F, Head Set€ 45,- Evans Edge Control EC2S Clear TT12EC2S « Tom HeadEvans Edge Control EC2S Clear TT12EC2S, Tom Head€ 17,90 Evans Edge Control EC2S Clear TT16EC2S « Tom HeadEvans Edge Control EC2S Clear TT16EC2S, Tom Head€ 21,80 Evans EMAD BD22EMADONX « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EMAD BD22EMADONX, Bass-Drum Head€ 59,- Evans EMAD Calftone 20" Bass Drum Head « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EMAD Calftone 20" Bass Drum Head, Bass-Drum Head€ 59,90 Evans EMAD-2 BD18EMAD2 « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EMAD-2 BD18EMAD2, Bass-Drum Head€ 49,- Evans EQ Patch EQPB1 « Drum head accessoriesEvans EQ Patch EQPB1, Drum head accessories€ 6,90 Evans EQ-3 Clear BD22GB3 « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EQ-3 Clear BD22GB3, Bass-Drum Head€ 50,- Evans EQ-3 Resonant Black BD22RB « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EQ-3 Resonant Black BD22RB, Bass-Drum Head€ 42,- Evans EQ-4 Clear BD20GB4 « Bass-Drum HeadEvans EQ-4 Clear BD20GB4, Bass-Drum Head€ 39,90 Evans E-Ring Set Fusion 10/12/14/14 « Drum head accessoriesEvans E-Ring Set Fusion 10/12/14/14, Drum head accessories€ 11,70 Evans E-Ring Set Stand. 12/13/16/14 « Drum head accessoriesEvans E-Ring Set Stand. 12/13/16/14, Drum head accessories€ 13,90 Evans Genera Dry B14DRY « Snare HeadEvans Genera Dry B14DRY, Snare Head€ 18,30 Evans Genera G1 Clear ETP-G1CLR-S Standard « Head SetEvans Genera G1 Clear ETP-G1CLR-S Standard, Head Set€ 48,90 Evans Genera G2 Clear ETP-G2CLR-S Standard « Head SetEvans Genera G2 Clear ETP-G2CLR-S Standard, Head Set€ 48,90 Evans Genera G2 Clear TT14G2 « Tom HeadEvans Genera G2 Clear TT14G2, Tom Head€ 16,90 Evans Genera G2 Coated B12G2 « Tom HeadEvans Genera G2 Coated B12G2, Tom Head€ 14,90 Evans Genera G2 Coated ETP-G2CTD-R « Head SetEvans Genera G2 Coated ETP-G2CTD-R, Head Set€ 46,90 Evans Genera G2 Coated ETP-G2CTD-S Standard « Head SetEvans Genera G2 Coated ETP-G2CTD-S Standard, Head Set€ 48,90 Evans Genera HD B14HD « Snare HeadEvans Genera HD B14HD, Snare Head€ 19,90 Evans Genera Resonant TT14GR « Tom HeadEvans Genera Resonant TT14GR, Tom Head€ 17,90 Evans Genera Resonant TT16GR « Tom HeadEvans Genera Resonant TT16GR, Tom Head€ 19,90 Evans Heavyweight EMAD BD22EMADHW « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Heavyweight EMAD BD22EMADHW, Bass-Drum Head€ 47,- Evans Heavyweight EMAD BD24EMADHW « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Heavyweight EMAD BD24EMADHW, Bass-Drum Head€ 52,90 Evans Hybrid Coated B14MHG « Snare HeadEvans Hybrid Coated B14MHG, Snare Head€ 70,90 Evans Hybrid Coated SB14MHG « Snare HeadEvans Hybrid Coated SB14MHG, Snare Head€ 70,90 Evans Hydraulic Black TT10HBG « Tom HeadEvans Hydraulic Black TT10HBG, Tom Head€ 17,90 Evans Hydraulic Blue TT12HB « Tom HeadEvans Hydraulic Blue TT12HB, Tom Head€ 14,95 Evans Hydraulic Blue TT14HB « Tom HeadEvans Hydraulic Blue TT14HB, Tom Head€ 20,90 Evans Hydraulic Blue TT16HB « Tom HeadEvans Hydraulic Blue TT16HB, Tom Head€ 24,- Evans Hydraulic Clear TT16HG « Tom HeadEvans Hydraulic Clear TT16HG, Tom Head€ 24,90 Evans Hydraulic Red 10" Tom Head « Tom HeadEvans Hydraulic Red 10" Tom Head, Tom Head€ 16,90 Evans Hydraulic Red 22" Bass Drum Head « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Hydraulic Red 22" Bass Drum Head, Bass-Drum Head€ 44,90 Evans Real Feel RF-6D « Practice PadEvans Real Feel RF-6D, Practice Pad€ 32,90 Evans Resonant Clear TT16RGL « Tom HeadEvans Resonant Clear TT16RGL, Tom Head€ 19,90 Evans Resonant EMAD BD20REMAD « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Resonant EMAD BD20REMAD, Bass-Drum Head€ 52,- Evans Resonant EMAD BD22REMAD « Bass-Drum HeadEvans Resonant EMAD BD22REMAD, Bass-Drum Head€ 54,- Evans Resonant Hazy 300 S14H30 « Snare HeadEvans Resonant Hazy 300 S14H30, Snare Head€ 13,40 Evans Resonant Hazy 500 S14R50 « Snare HeadEvans Resonant Hazy 500 S14R50, Snare Head€ 16,90 Evans Super Tough ST  B14ST « Snare HeadEvans Super Tough ST B14ST, Snare Head€ 19,90 Evans 10'' Calftone Tom « Tom HeadEvans 10'' Calftone Tom, Tom Head€ 18,50 Evans 13'' Calftone Tom « Tom HeadEvans 13'' Calftone Tom, Tom Head€ 20,90 Evans 16'' Calftone Tom « Tom HeadEvans 16'' Calftone Tom, Tom Head€ 24,90 Evans 18'' Calftone Tom « Tom HeadEvans 18'' Calftone Tom, Tom Head€ 29,90 Evans 8'' Calftone Tom « Tom HeadEvans 8'' Calftone Tom, Tom Head€ 17,50 Evans Bassdrumkissen EQ-PAD « Drum head accessoriesEvans Bassdrumkissen EQ-PAD, Drum head accessories€ 20,20 Evans Black Chrome TT06CHR « Tom HeadEvans Black Chrome TT06CHR, Tom Head€ 15,90


Evans invented the synthetic (or plastic, or polyester) drumhead in 1956. Chick Evans was the first person to use polyester film to form a drumhead, succeeding in creating a weatherproof head, and ultimately changing the drum world forever. Chick's accomplishment is clearly substantial in letters and documents on record, dating back to the 1950s.

Since acquiring Evans from owner Bob Beals in 1995, D'Addario & Company, Inc., has moved the company from Dodge City, KS, to their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Farmingdale, NY. Tremendous efforts and unprecedented breakthroughs have been made in improving Chick's invention.

Since 2014:

Evans Level 360 technology is incorporated to extend the level playing surface of the drumhead, 360 degrees around the drum. The vertically enhanced collar design guarantees even contact with the critical bearing edge of the drum shell, resulting in: ease of tuning, extended pitch range and optimum quality of sound. Evans Level 360 technology resolves the age-old dilemma of traditional synthetic heads consistently not fitting the drum shell without using considerable force.