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DW 9002 « Bassdrum PedalDW 9002, Bassdrum Pedal€ 670,- DW MDD Machined Direct Drive 2-Leg « Hi-Hat StandDW MDD Machined Direct Drive 2-Leg, Hi-Hat Stand€ 666,- DW Collector´s Copper Vintage 14" x 6½" « Snare drumDW Collector´s Copper Vintage 14" x 6½", Snare drum€ 822,- DW 5002TD4 Turbo Delta « Bassdrum PedalDW 5002TD4 Turbo Delta, Bassdrum Pedal€ 480,- DW Performance 14" x 5,5" « Snare drumDW Performance 14" x 5,5", Snare drum€ 358,- DW SM799 Dogbone « Cymbal MountDW SM799 Dogbone, Cymbal Mount€ 105,- DW 9500TB « Hi-Hat StandDW 9500TB, Hi-Hat Stand€ 431,- DW Breitfußadapter 51WF (D802795) « Replacement UnitDW Breitfußadapter 51WF (D802795), Replacement Unit€ 27,90 DW CL10 (D802942) « Tom HeadDW CL10 (D802942), Tom Head€ 20,90 DW Collector´s Aluminium 13" x 5,5" « Snare drumDW Collector´s Aluminium 13" x 5,5", Snare drum€ 799,- DW Collector´s Exotic Quick Deep Rich red Burst Pecan « Drum KitDW Collector´s Exotic Quick Deep Rich red Burst Pecan, Drum Kit€ 8.499,- DW Collector´s Finish Ply 14''x 6'' Solid Black Snare « Snare drumDW Collector´s Finish Ply 14''x 6'' Solid Black Snare, Snare drum€ 749,- DW Collector´s Finish Ply Twisted Yellow « Drum KitDW Collector´s Finish Ply Twisted Yellow, Drum Kit€ 3.999,- DW Collector´s Lacquer Custom 14'' x  5'' Matte Black « Snare drumDW Collector´s Lacquer Custom 14'' x 5'' Matte Black, Snare drum€ 749,- DW Collector´s Lacquer Custom 14" x  6" Matte Black « Snare drumDW Collector´s Lacquer Custom 14" x 6" Matte Black, Snare drum€ 749,- DW Collector´s Satin Specialty Tobacco Burst « Drum KitDW Collector´s Satin Specialty Tobacco Burst, Drum Kit€ 5.999,- DW Collector's Finish Ply 14" x  6" Vintage Marine Sn « Snare drumDW Collector's Finish Ply 14" x 6" Vintage Marine Sn, Snare drum€ 749,- DW Design Black Satin « Drum KitDW Design Black Satin, Drum Kit€ 1.699,- DW DWSP214 « Replacement UnitDW DWSP214, Replacement Unit€ 3,90 DW MCD Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal « Bassdrum PedalDW MCD Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal, Bassdrum Pedal€ 580,- DW SMMGM « Replacement UnitDW SMMGM, Replacement Unit€ 10,- DW 5000TD4 « Bassdrum PedalDW 5000TD4, Bassdrum Pedal€ 235,- DW 9100M « Drum ThroneDW 9100M, Drum Throne€ 245,- DW 3700 « Cymbal StandDW 3700, Cymbal Stand€ 95,- DW 5500D « Hi-Hat StandDW 5500D, Hi-Hat Stand€ 321,- DW 6710 « Cymbal StandDW 6710, Cymbal Stand€ 112,- DW 9000 « Bassdrum PedalDW 9000, Bassdrum Pedal€ 379,- DW 9000 9500D « Hi-Hat StandDW 9000 9500D, Hi-Hat Stand€ 399,- DW Cajon Foot Pedal « CajonDW Cajon Foot Pedal, Cajon€ 252,- DW DW 3000 3500 « Hi-Hat StandDW DW 3000 3500, Hi-Hat Stand€ 169,- DW 3500T « Hi-Hat StandDW 3500T, Hi-Hat Stand€ 178,- DW 5500TD « Hi-Hat StandDW 5500TD, Hi-Hat Stand€ 299,- DW 9700 « Cymbal StandDW 9700, Cymbal Stand€ 199,- DW 14" x 6,5" Snaredrum Bag « Drum BagDW 14" x 6,5" Snaredrum Bag, Drum Bag€ 149,- DW 2000 « Bassdrum PedalDW 2000, Bassdrum Pedal€ 99,- DW 3000 3100 « Drum ThroneDW 3000 3100, Drum Throne€ 104,- DW 5002AD4 Delta Accelerator « Bassdrum PedalDW 5002AD4 Delta Accelerator, Bassdrum Pedal€ 480,- DW 6000 DWCP6300UL Ultralight « Snare StandDW 6000 DWCP6300UL Ultralight, Snare Stand€ 136,- DW Performance 14'' x 8'' Ebony Stain « Snare drumDW Performance 14'' x 8'' Ebony Stain, Snare drum€ 526,- DW 2002 « Bassdrum PedalDW 2002, Bassdrum Pedal€ 199,- DW 3000 « Bassdrum PedalDW 3000, Bassdrum Pedal€ 149,- DW 3002 « Bassdrum PedalDW 3002, Bassdrum Pedal€ 248,- DW 6500 « Hi-Hat StandDW 6500, Hi-Hat Stand€ 194,- DW 9300 Standard « Snare StandDW 9300 Standard, Snare Stand€ 166,- DW 9710 « Cymbal StandDW 9710, Cymbal Stand€ 169,- DW SM101 « Bassdrum PedalDW SM101, Bassdrum Pedal€ 27,- DW SM505 « Percussion holderDW SM505, Percussion holder€ 38,- DW SM934 Boom Cymbal Arm « Cymbal MountDW SM934 Boom Cymbal Arm, Cymbal Mount€ 95,- DW 5000AD4 « Bassdrum PedalDW 5000AD4, Bassdrum Pedal€ 229,- DW 5300 « Snare StandDW 5300, Snare Stand€ 149,- DW 5700 « Cymbal StandDW 5700, Cymbal Stand€ 152,- DW 6500UL Ultralight HiHat-Stand « Hi-Hat StandDW 6500UL Ultralight HiHat-Stand, Hi-Hat Stand€ 155,- DW 6700 « Cymbal StandDW 6700, Cymbal Stand€ 122,- DW 67010UL Ultralight Cymbal Stand « Cymbal StandDW 67010UL Ultralight Cymbal Stand, Cymbal Stand€ 79,- DW 9000 XF « Bassdrum PedalDW 9000 XF, Bassdrum Pedal€ 379,- DW 9100BR « Drum ThroneDW 9100BR, Drum Throne€ 51,- DW 9120M « Drum ThroneDW 9120M, Drum Throne€ 281,- DW 9303 Small Basket « Snare StandDW 9303 Small Basket, Snare Stand€ 196,- DW 9502LB « Hi-Hat StandDW 9502LB, Hi-Hat Stand€ 499,- DW Collector 14" x 6,5" « Snare drumDW Collector 14" x 6,5", Snare drum€ 1.155,-


Drum Workshop (DW, DW Drums) is a very young company in comparison to other drum manufactures .DW was founded in 1972 as a drum workshop from Don Lombardi. Two years later Mr. Lombardi and one of his students John Good, started making first hardware, after spending a long time in development. After acquiring the company Camco Drum Co. in 1977, DW started producing more and more hardware. In 1978 DW moved into a 230 m² large building and changed from teaching drums to manufacturing them. An ad in the magazine “ Modern Drummer” in 1979 was the start of DW´s international recognition. DW was the first to produce a double pedal and started a new era of drumming with this product. 1985 saw the introduction of the first remote HiHat and first 2 legged HiHat and the production space was increased to around 1400 m². Dons son Chris and his daughter Carrie start working in production and dispatching whilst in high school. Whilst having a pedal tuned in 1989 Tommy Lee of the Mötley Crue tried a drum set by DW and bought it, a year later he was the companies first endorser and brought them to mainstream rock. In 1991 the 9000er series was born was DW´s first full range of hardware incl. stands. Sales were growing and so DW again moved, this time to Oxnard ( California), the new plant had a floor space of around 5300 m². The pedals were constantly improved and in 1985 the patented state-of-the-art ball bearing hinge was introduced, furthermore the Edge snare drum and the tuning screws were designed by John Good. DW started there own drums production and introduced the patented timbre matching process. In 2000 the product range was extended with the Pacific Drums & Percussion range. Now DW is serving all price ranges and once again moved into the new HQs offering over 16000 m² of floor space. After 16 years in the company Chris Lombardi was elected chairman. In 2003 the 9000 series of foot pedals was introduced and are to date the only pedals with free-floating rotor-drive system. DW is still inventing and improving hardware and drum sets, made to suite the customer’s demand of desired wood and finishing. Today DW has a reputation of making the finest drums and drum sets in the world. The top of the range is the "Collectors-Series". DW endorsers include: Neil Peart (Rush), Terry Bozzio, Sheila E., Chad Wackerman (Steve Vai, Alan Holdsworth), Chester Thompson, Joey Kramer (Aerosmith), Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), Nigel Olsson (Elton John), Tommy Lee (Mötley Crue), Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne), Marco Minnemann, Josh Freese (Guns´n´Roses), Joey Castillo (Queens of the Stone Age), Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver), Brain (Primus), Greg Eklund (Pat Metheny), i.e.