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Gretsch Catalina Maple CM1-E825-WG « Drum KitGretsch Catalina Maple CM1-E825-WG, Drum Kit£ 686,- Gretsch Catalina Maple CM1-E825-AS « Drum KitGretsch Catalina Maple CM1-E825-AS, Drum Kit£ 674,- Gretsch Catalina Maple CM1-E825-SDCB « Drum KitGretsch Catalina Maple CM1-E825-SDCB, Drum Kit£ 686,-

Catalina Maple

The Gretsch Catalina Maple-series includes new innovative and sleek hardware designs. Each component is designed for functionality, performance and style. The overall result is a great sounding Gretsch drum set that is ergonomically improved and has a fresh, contemporary design aesthetic.