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Reeds Vandoren Classic Bb-Clarinet 2,5

Vandoren Classic Bb-Clarinet 2,5

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  • Instrument reeds: Böhm Clarinet
  • Reeds: reed wood
  • Reed thickness: 2,5
  • Shape: Unfiled
  • Packing unit: 10 Pieces

Vandoren Classic Bb-Clarinet 2,5 · Reeds

The most widespread reeds among professionals. The superiority in traditional music in the blue packaging has proven itself again and again for years.
  • Excellent response in all registers to pianissimo in the uppermost layers
  • Flexibility that allows a legato or staccato in very long passages
  • Large sonority with much substance and brilliance

Uniform strength
All Vandoren reeds are tested with high-sensitive electronic measuring instruments and sorted so that the greatest possible security is given that the contents of a package having no variation within the thickness.

Each Vandoren reed is stored separately in a special plastic protective cover to prevent damage.

Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 1.0-7702212
Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 1.5-7702213
Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 2.0-7702215
Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 2.5-7702216
Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 3.0-7702217
Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 3.5-7702218
Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 4.0-7702313
Vandoren Classic Boehm Clarinet 5.0-7702493

Vandoren Classic
The Vandoren Classic Series (or Traditional) leaves have the finest tip and the most solid heart of the Vandoren leaves. The results are a fine "crisp" response and a full, dark tone.

The nature of this reed allows an extremely pure sound. An extremely fine tip (the most vibrating part of the reed) is balanced by a very solid shaft (a lot of reed in the part that slowly rises to the end of the reed). These reeds can be recognized by a horizontal line on the cut end. The result is a fine, "crisp" response and a full, dark tone.

Vandoren Classic reeds are widely used among professionals. Not least because of their excellent responsiveness in all registers up to pianissimo in the upper registers and their special flexibility, which allows a legato or staccato even in very long passages. In addition, they allow a great richness of tone to be developed with a great deal of brilliance and substance.

Uniform strength
All Vandoren reeds are tested and sorted with highly sensitive electronic measuring instruments. This provides the greatest possible assurance that the contents of a package do not fluctuate within the thickness.

Each Vandoren reed is stored individually in a special plastic protective cover to prevent damage.


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