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Guitar Synthesizer Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer
Guitar Synthesizer Boss SY-300 Guitar SynthesizerGuitar Synthesizer Boss SY-300 Guitar SynthesizerGuitar Synthesizer Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer

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  • Playable with every guitar over Instrument cable - expressive polyphonic synthesizer sounds
  • The absolute latency free feel connects your finger directly to the sound
  • 3 simultaneously playable synthesizer sections + 4 FX processors with lots of momentum for diverse sound creations
  • Complete remodeling your normal guitar signal with synthesizer filters, amplifiers, and LFOs to new sounds
  • Graphical LCD display, 3 assignable footswitchs, dedicated on / off footswitch
  • 70 presets and 99 free for Speicherpätze own sound creations
  • Prepare and archive sounds on the computer with BOSS Tone Studio (Editor / Librarian) and load new sounds from BOSS Tone Central for free
  • Works alsowith bass and other electronic instruments

Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer · Guitar Synthesizer

The Roland SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer has an extremely powerful polyphonic synthesizer core. Three separate synthesizer sections offer an endless variety of new sounds for your sound selection. As a keyboard player with classic analog synthesizers you now have the freedom to create sounds with the complete range of synthesizer parameters. Choose from different waveforms, editing them with filters, amplifiers, pitch shifting and modulate the signal with LFOs, put further oscillators in to produce very complex sounds.

There is even a step sequencer with tap tempo control to easily create dynamic melodies and arpeggios on the guitar with only one note being played. The crossfading can mix and match from other patches to create inspiring sounds without much effort.

With the USB Audio Interface Roland SY-300 you can directly record your audio tracks in a music production software (DAW - Digital Audio Workstation) onto the computer. SY-300 synthesizer and effect sounds are added or the dry guitar signal while listening to the effects only as a monitor. After recording a dry signal can be sent via USB in the SY-300 back again. Through so-called "re-synthesizing" the sound will be adjusted in the mix later. You can freely send other tracks from a DAW in the SY-300 and thus receiving unimagined possibilities of sound processing during production. The USB interface of the SY-300 also allows you to create and manage the sound patches. A special version of BOSS Tone Studio is available where you can easily download new sounds and patches from the BOSS Tone Central website. (Www.bosstonecentral.com)


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