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Alexander History Lesson MK2

Alexander History Lesson MK2 Guitar Effect

Item number: 10091030
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Guitar Effect · Feature1: Vintage Delay · Effect Type: Delay · Technology: Digital · Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Dry+Fx Out · Controls: Time, Feedback, Mix, Mod · Modes: 3 Delay types · Switches: 1963/1974/1984 · Bypass Mode: Buffered Bypass · Power supply: 9 VDC, Center negative · Power Consumption: 60 mA · Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power · Housing size: Standard · Dimensions (WxHxD / cm): 6,6 x 5,4 x 12,1 · Boutique Effect: yes · Country of Origin: USA The name of the Alexander History Lesson MK2 is program: this pedal allows a time journey through the history of the delay effects. There are 3 basics available:
1963 - the classic, warm and round tape delay sound with the characteristic dull echo repetitions. The typical constant oscillations can be authentically simulated with the Mod Poti. 1974 - the birthdays of the analog bucket chains Delays, also here the echo repetitions are duller, with turned up feedback control cool "Space Ship" sounds can be generated. The third candidate is the 1984 Digital Delay - at the beginning of the 80s the cool, hip high-tech equipment. The echo repetitions are clear and brilliant - no limited frequency response, ideal for timed echo sounds a 'la U2. With the Mod Pot, floating chorus sounds can be generated. The buffered bypass can be switched to Trails mode - the echo repetitions sound off in the bypass mode.

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