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Yamaha CPX1000 UM « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX1000 UM, Acoustic Guitarkr 6 312 Yamaha CPX700II NT « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX700II NT, Acoustic Guitarkr 4 694 Yamaha CPX1000 NT « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX1000 NT, Acoustic Guitarkr 7 081 Yamaha CPX1000 TBL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX1000 TBL, Acoustic Guitarkr 7 081 Yamaha CPX500II NT « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX500II NT, Acoustic Guitarkr 3 059 Yamaha CPX500III BL « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX500III BL, Acoustic Guitarkr 3 425 Yamaha CPX500III VS « Acoustic GuitarYamaha CPX500III VS, Acoustic Guitarkr 3 179

Yamaha CPX

The Yamaha CPX series are high quality acoustic guitars featuring tops made from select pieces of spruce and backs of flamed maple.
These CPX guitars are designed to offer great playability, with a large and deep bodies that deliver a dynamic sound, a special bracing designs that helps to reduce feedback, and a cutaway that provides easier access to the upper neck.