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Lakewood Custom M-30 « Acoustic GuitarLakewood Custom M-30, Acoustic Guitarkr 24 590 Lakewood M-31/12 « Acoustic GuitarLakewood M-31/12, Acoustic Guitarkr 17 106 Lakewood Custom D-14-12 « Acoustic GuitarLakewood Custom D-14-12, Acoustic Guitarkr 16 249 Lakewood Custom M 48 « Acoustic GuitarLakewood Custom M 48, Acoustic Guitarkr 31 298 Lakewood Custom M 24 E « Acoustic GuitarLakewood Custom M 24 E, Acoustic Guitarkr 17 881

Lakewood Custom

With years of experience of manufacturing guitars, Lakewood is able to meet your individual needs and personal tastes for a dream acoustic guitar. The Lakewood Custom Shop is unique in the world of acoustic guitars, offering a large selection and reliable service. Your wishes will be implemented with love and care and handcrafted to perfection with Lakewood's high standards of quality.