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Gibson Songwriter

Orville Gibson began in 1894 with the construction of mandolin guitars. He noticed very early on that solid and arched backs had the best resonance characteristics. He created a new family of mandolins and guitars that advanced to the best of their type very quickly. Orville Gibson built his instruments alone until 1902, until he was the opinion he could´nt meet the growing demand. Therefore he founded the "Gibson Mandolin Guitar Mfg. Co., Ltd" with five partners.
The first catalogue appeared in 1903 and offered 32 mandolins, mandolas, guitars and "Harp"-guitars. Orville Gibson also left the company in the same year, whereupon he would receive an annual compensation for the next five years and a lifetime pension. Orville Gibson died on the 21. August 1918 at the age of 62 after a longterm illness.

Gibsons ideas for instrument construction set whole new standards. In 1952 the Gibson Les Paul was introduced, "simply the rock guitar", of which had already celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and is still synonymous for modern music.
Just as music continuously developes, it has always been possible for Gibson to keep up with the puls of time. Many Guitar builders were even ahead of their time and created instruments that were considered classics a long time afterwards.