AAC SAS2, 100 x 100 x 7cm

AAC SAS2, 100 x 100 x 7cm

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AAC SAS2, 100 x 100 x 7cm · Acoustic Panels

Open-pored materials such as carpets, curtains and similar materials help to an extent in echoing rooms. With a sure instinct, financially weak teenagers use egg cartons as a material for improving the quality of their practice rooms. Our SAS is better to process, much more durable and with more optimal insulation properties and works according to similar principles.

This is not a recipe for all problems, but SAS is an important tool for improving room acoustics and sound damping. For example, SAS primarily absorbs high frequencies and takes shrill-sounding reflections off glass, concrete or stone. However, the entire area shouldn't be covered, but always only two opposite areas: e. g. even in the case of highly reflective materials, the covering of ceiling or floor, or left or right wall. Another possibility is the offset placement of the SAS material. If the entire space were to be covered, the undesirable result of a dull, almost "dead" space would result.

Even more effective than mounting the SAS directly on the walls is to create double walls using wooden boards coated with SAS, stood a few centimetres before the walls. The space increases the absorption of lower frequencies.


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