AAC Case für JBL SRX828SP

AAC Case für JBL SRX828SP, Accessories for Loudspeakers

Item number: 10085293
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Accessories for Loudspeakers • Others • Material: 9 mmPLY; PLastic coated • Colour / Finish: Black • Recommended for: JbL SRX 828 SP • Case for JBL SRX 828 SP (lying in Case) Black • 4x butterfly medium, 4x folding handle • 9mm Case Wood, 30/30 aluminum edge, 3-hole ball corners • Inside full-surface foam lining • 1 roller set 100mm with reinforcement plate, all steerable, 2x braked • Tour-standard version, made in Germany • This AAC Case is just right for a JBL Active speaker SRX828SP without mounted rollers, the speaker fits in the lying position.