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Martinez · 4/4-Size Classical Guitars

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Classical Guitars 4/4-Size Guitars Brand Martinez


The company Raimundo & Aparicio SA in Valencia/Italy produces Martinez guitars for the German market. The modern production site uses traditional methods to manufacture the Martinez range of guitars (Martinez 690, Martinez 670, Martinez 660, Martinez 650, Martinez 485, Martinez 460, Martinez CS-395 N, Martinez CS-394 N and others) Machines are only used where their precision improves the quality of the product. Most of the work stages are still done manually. For the guitar production wood is purchased from all around the world, the rosewood comes from India, the mahogany from Africa, cedar from Canada, spruce from Austria and maple from Germany. Martinez Guitars were especially developed for musical education by Pedro A. Lopez. The mechanics of the instruments are very smooth, the string action and neck profile are carefully chosen to ensure a very easy playability. The use of channelled stabilizers and precision manufacturing machinery makes it possible to create very light, excellent sounding instrument for a low budget price.