DigiTech RP500

DigiTech RP500, Guitar Multi Effects

Item number: 100055198
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Guitar Multi Effects • Design: Floorboard • Modelling: 53 Amp-Models; 22 speaker-Models; 53 effects • Amp modelling: yes • Tuner: no • Drum machine: no • Expression pedal: yes • Outputs: Jacks and XLR output • MIDI: no • USB Port: yes • Headphone Jack: no • Presets: 99 User and 99 Factory Presets • Dimensions W/H/D: 495 x 57 x 222 mm • Weight: 3,5 kg • Battery powered: Does not run on Battery power • Special Features: Audio DNA2-Processor; 9 metal Footswitches; compatible with Apple iPad. • Including: incl. editing-Software • The DigiTech RP500 Modelling Guitar Processor combines the simplicity of a stompbox with the control of a multi-effects switching system. Powered by DigiTech's custom AudioDNA DSP chip, the RP500 contains an enormous selection of guitar tones and effects available from the on-board Tone and Effects Library knobs. The RP500 guitar multi-effect processor controls program changes, complete signal chains and allows you to turn all amplifier and cabinet sounds off in the exclusive Pedalboard mode, where the RP500 acts like 5 separate stompboxes and effects. In Preset mode, the numbered footswitches recall presets in the active bank. The RP500 contains 99 user and 99 factory presets. Save each combo in a preset for a uniquely switchable pedal setup not found anywhere else but pro rigs. Designed for the gigging guitarist, the DigiTech RP500 multi-effects processor is housed in a cast metal chassis with 9 heavy-duty metal switches, and metal expression pedal. Big LED program and pedal status indicators and large 10-characer LED display make the RP500 easy to see and control on stage. XLR and 1/4-inch outputs with ground lift allow you to run the DigiTech RP500 to your amp or directly into a mixer. Looking for only multi-effects? Amp/Cabinet Bypass and Pedalboard buttons detect amp and cabinet effects in all presets, allowing you to turn on/off effects like individual stompboxes, the RP500 then acting like a straight multi-effects processor. The Expression pedal provides real-time control of effects and effect's parameters. The DigiTech RP500 USB 2.0 port allows streaming of 2 channels in both directions of 44.1 Khz audio to a Mac or PC, and recording on the bundled Steinberg Cubase LE4 music production software. X-Edit Editor / Librarian software provides an intuitive user interface for programming and archiving your sounds.