Digitech HarmonyMan

Digitech HarmonyMan, Guitar Effect

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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Pitch shifter • 3-part guitar harmony with no programming • Ultra clean, low-latency harmonies • Unique Key Display updates dynamically in response to your playing • A musically intelligent "Circle of 5ths" layout puts musically related keys (that share most notes) beside each other • Two independently selectable voicings including two intelligent shifting modes, unison/detune, and straight chromatic shifts • Strum Key lets you easily set the key and scale by simply strumming your guitar, perfect for songs that start with a solo • Sidechain Input lets you solo while the HarmonyMan harmonies dynamically adapt to a rhythm/second guitarist's chord changes • Guitar tuner with easy-to-read indicator lights.
4 custom memory locations with footswitch access • Programmable Mix knob controls the mix between the lead and the harmonies. The mix can range from 100% dry to 100% wet • Pre-Harmony Distortion Loop, 1/4-inch distortion effects loop lets you apply distortion before the harmonies are generated to create a harmony-with-distortion sound • Mono or Stereo Outputs • True analogue bypass • Edit, store and recall four presets • Straight chromatic shifts from +12 to -12 semitones • Four detune settings • Side-chain for guitar accompaniment • Pre-harmony distortion loop • Onboard mixer • Sample Rate Frequency 44.1 kHz • Bit Depth 24-bit Processing • Unit Dimensions: 9.75" x 7.9" x 3.4" • Unit Weight: 4 lbs • Inputs: 1/4-inch Unbalanced • Outputs: 1/4-inch Unbalanced • Sidechain Ground Lift Switch • 9 VAC, 1300 mA power supply included • The DigiTech HarmonyMan is a unique pitch shifting guitar pedal that generates harmonies based on your guitar's chord progression. Get killer harmonized solos with ease with the DigiTech HarmonyMan pedal! The DigiTech HarmonyMan multi-part guitar harmony pedal is more than a simple pitch shifter! DigiTech HarmonyMan lets you create realistic, musically correct harmonies using different modes and four different types of pitch shifting. You can use the DigiTech Harmony Man pedal to go from gentle thickening of tone all the way to 3-part harmonies during guitar solos. Four presets allow you to store and edit preferred settings, and features such as an onboard tuner, pre-harmony distortion loop, and a 2-pedal, uncluttered panel layout make the DigiTech HarmonyMan required in any guitarist's gig bag! A Sidechain input lets a second rhythm guitar be the chord recognition source while the lead guitar produces harmonies. The DigiTech HarmonyMan Intellegent Pitch Shifter pedal features four different types of pitch shifting depending on which of the 42 different voices are selected. Combine up to two distinct voices in any combination to mix with the input signal: a 3rd or 5th above or below, an octave up, two octaves below, 24 semitones and 4 detune variations. Simply play a song and hit the Harmony On/Off footswitch when you solo to get amazing multi-part guitar harmonies. A Mix knob controls the mix of the lead and harmony signals when the effect is on. The Memory Store button stores the current voicings (Voice 1 and Voice 2), mix setting, and key and scale to the active memory. The DigiTech HarmonyMan pedal features four different types of shifting depending on the voicing selected by the Voice Knobs. Triad Center Shifting Mode creates musically correct harmonies based around your chordal structure whether soloing a riff in a specific key or using the sidechain input for chord recognition. Scalic Shifting Mode creates musically correct harmonies with various shifting depending on the harmony key. Fixed (chromatic) Shifting Mode applies fixed harmony intervals to all notes with the fixed number of semitones selected, while Detune Shifting Mode lets you get a thick overall sound applying a small fixed amount of pitch shifting to the lead guitar voice ranging from 5 cents to 30 cents in both up and down directions simultaneously.