DigiTech Bass Squeeze

DigiTech Bass Squeeze, Bass Guitar Effect

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Bass Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Compressor • Dual Band Bass Compressor • dbx Compression • Audio DNA Processor • Controls for Level, X-Over, Lo Band, Hi Band • CIT Cabinet Modelling • Amp & Mixer Outs • Pedal Release Pins for quick battery change • DigiTech Bass Squeeze, X-Series The Bass Squeeze is the result of collaboration between DigiTech and dbx to create the world’s finest bass compression pedal. Utilizing award- winning dbx OverEasy technology, the Bass Squeeze delivers dual-band compression, creating the best bass compressor found in any stompbox. Features: Level: controls the overall compression level. Crossover: selects the frequency at which the signal crosses over from the low band to the high band control. The frequency range runs from 100Hz to 3kHz. Low Band: adjusts the amount of low frequency compression plus the output level: Dual Outputs: The Amp output is for connecting directly to a bass amplifier. The Mixer output, with CIT bass cabinet emulation technology, is for connecting directly to a mixing board or headphone preamp.