Diago Patchfactory Solder-Free Kit

Diago Patchfactory Solder-Free Kit, Patch Cable

Item number: 10066049
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Patch Cable • Plug: Angled mono jack / Angled mono jack • Colour / Finish: Black • Special features: solderless assembly • Contains: 10 x 1/4" angle plugs, 3.05 m Cable, Cable Cutter • The Patchfactory system offers the user the following great features: •Design your perfect pedalboard - Custom length patch cables allow you to lay out your pedalboard exactly how you want. •Strong, reliable connections - Our design ensures solid connections in your cables, eliminating the risk of crackle or cut-out. •Easy Assemly - Solderless plugs require no special tools or knowledge to build a flawless cable. •High-quality components - Low-capacitance cable prevents treble roll-off, a common problem in poor-quality instrument cables.