Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain

Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain, Power Management.

Item number: 10062663
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Power Management. • Cable Type: Daisychain • Connector configuration: barrel socket/6x barrel angled • A daisy chain allows multiple effects pedals to be powered from the same 9V power supply. Unlike most daisy chains, the Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain is rated up to the full 3000mA of the Powerstation - most cheaper designs would melt at that sort of current. MAIN ADVANTAGES Powers most 9V DC pedals following the Boss convention 2.1mm centre negative barrel plugs (incl. most Boss, Danelectro, Dunlop, Digitech, Ibanez, Korg, Morley, MXR and Zoom 6 x right angled 2.1mm barrel plugs (Boss type) 300mm between each plug Each chain that you add lets you power 5 more pedals Connect multiple daisy chain cables together to power as many pedals as you need