Denon SC2900

Denon SC2900, CD Player

Item number: 10063547
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CD Player • Single-player • Drive Type: Slot • Housing: Table top • Anti-shock: yes • MP3: Yes • USB playback: yes • Buit-In Audio Interface: 24-bit audio interface • MIDI: yes • Digital out: Yes • Dimensions W/H/D: 326 x 366 x 123 mm • Weight: 4,35 kg • Special Features: Eclipse jog wheel displayes Cue Point and Playback markers. • Digital Controller and Media Player • Supports CD-DA playback, CD-ROM (AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV) playback, and audio playback from USB memory devices and external HDDs • The Denon DJ DN SC2900 digital controller and media player includes playback from USB drives and offers the ability to share one USB stick over up to four networked Denon DJ SC2900 or SC3900s players. CD DJs can still use the front mounted CD slot, and software DJs can use the Traktor 2 compatibility to mix and produce. Supports CD-DA playback, CD-ROM AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV playback, and audio playback from USB memory device and external HDDs mass-storage. The Denon SC2900 media player is shipped with “engine” music management software that allows you to create a database with high-speed searching and efficient music file list management. It is equipped with an automatic generation function that generates BPM, beat points and waveform information, and editing function for editing cue and loop points. A PC-Link function enables playback of tracks managed by “engine” on a computer and searching of tracks stored on a USB memory device or HDD connected to this unit using “engine”. The SC2900 player features the Eclipse platter with glowing LED markers that display Cue Point and Playback markers. Combined with the ENGINE for iPad App, a networked iPad becomes a large media navigation screen, giving DJs a way to manage tracks and playlists, ready to perform, all through the iPad touchscreen. By connecting an iPad to the SC2900 via WWi-Fi and using the “engine for iPad” music management application, you can use the iPad touch screen to search tracks and display the status.
  • Compatible with included ENGINE Music Management Software PC/Mac
  • ENGINE iPad app for file searching and player status display
  • Player Link function for sharing USB drives across up to four SC2900 / SC3900s and for connection to ENGINE software PC/Mac/iPad
  • 7-inch Touch Sensitive Eclipse Platter with LED Cue & Position Marker
  • Switch between media source devices
  • Natively supported by TraktorTM 2 software, TraktorTM LE 2 included
  • USB / MIDI control
  • ASIO and Core Audio USB audio interface
  • Supports CD-DA, CD-ROM and audio playback from USB memory devices AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV audio files
  • 24-bit DAC processing
  • Redesigned PLAY and CUE buttons for greater tactile feel and response
  • Fast search and quick jump functions
  • Top mounted USB port for USB stick and hard disk drives
  • 4 dedicated Hot Cues, 8 in MIDI mode via MIDI layer option
  • Auto / manual loop functions
  • SLIP function with dedicated button
  • Deep pitch resolution and key adjust
  • 4-Way BPM counter: Auto BPM, Manual TAP, Manual BPM, Reads BPM Metadata
  • BPM sync
  • 3-way pitch bend
  • Digital output
  • Fast loading slot-in drive