Denon RC-F400S

Denon RC-F400S, Digital Recorder Accessories

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Digital Recorder Accessories • Wired remote control for the Denon DN-F400S and DN-F650R Professional Solid State Recorders • Large OLED display • Full navigation and transport control
• 20 Hot Start buttons • Power Source: DC 5V (DA620PMD) • Power Consumption: 5.0 W • Dimensions (W x H x D): 217 x 47.5 x 172mm, 8.54” x 1.87” x 6.77” • Weight: 0.8 kg, 1.76 lbs • The Denon RC-F400 Wired Remote Controller features a large LCD display and enhances the Denon DN-F400’s capability by providing an ergonomically designed, intuitive control unit for instant playback of audio or audio elements (sound effects) via its hot-buttons, making it ideal for live productions like sporting / performance events, radio, television and theatres. Adding the RC-F400 to any DNF400 makes it a simple, cost-effective alternative to expensive radio and theater Sound FX systems.