Denon BU-4500 Dual CD Drive

Denon BU-4500 Dual CD Drive, DJ Mediaplayer

Item number: 100045044
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DJ Mediaplayer • Dual CD drive drawer unit for use with the Denon DN-HD2500 or DN-HC4500 • The Denon BU4500 CD/MP3 Drive Unit can be used in conjunction with the Denon DN-HD2500 Media Player/Controller and the Denon DN-HC4500 USB MIDI/Audio Interface & Controller. The BU-4500 can be also used as a replacement drive for the Denon DN-D4500 CD/MP3 Player. (This unit will not work with any of the earlier twin CD models) Professional dual CD drive CD/MP3 Drive Unit compatible with the DN-HD2500 Controller CD/MP3 Drive Unit compatible with the DN-HC4500 Contoller Key Adjust/Master Tempo (CD or MP3) MP3 Hot Starts & Seamless Looping Capability Cue Stutter (CD or MP3) CD Text Support ID3 Tag Support Auto BPM Counter Wider Pitch Ranges (CD ±24/50/100%) Fader Start Compatible

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