Denis Wick DW 5523 Straight

Denis Wick DW 5523 Straight, Mute (brass)

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Mute (brass) • Instrument: Tenor horn • Material: Aluminium • Finish: Brushed "scotch brite" finish, silvered • Sound: Good intonation • Features: High quality • Damper opening: Cork strips • Denis Wick Trombone Mute DW 5523 For more than a quarter of a century, Denis Wick mutes have set standards of excellence that have made them the choice of the world´s finest brass players. There are now mutes for most brass instruments, from piccolo trumpet to tuba. Brilliant straights, versatile cup and ET and innovative practice mutes, all beautifully made with perfect intonation. Practice mute for the French Horn, made from aluminium.
Denis Wick