Denis Wick DW 5514 Straight Special Trumpet

Denis Wick DW 5514 Straight Special Trumpet, Mute (brass)

Item number: 100014190
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Mute (brass) • Instrument: Trumpet • Material: Aluminium • Finish: Brushed "scotch brite" finish, silvered • Sound: Good intonation • Features: High quality • Damper opening: Cork strips • For more than a quarter of a century, Denis Wick mutes have set standards of excellence that have made them the choice of the world´s finest brass players. There are now mutes for most brass instruments, from piccolo trumpet to tuba. Brilliant straights, versatile cup and ET and innovative practice mutes, all beautifully made with perfect intonation. Denis Wick Practice Mutes are perhaps the best tools that were ever invented for both practicing or learning to play a brass instrument. The player has no tuning problems during practice, because all sounds "in tune" are perfect. The Denis Wick Practice Mute for the development of students tremendously important and indispensable as a "Hotel-damper" for professional musicians. They also allow an enormous improvement in sound quality, as they use the whole energy of the vibrating air column, by helping to open the player's throat during fortissimo playing in the lower register. Thus, they have a great advantage over electronic exercise dampers that do not help to develop the sound in the same way.
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