Ddrum Acoustic Pro Triggerset 5tlg.

Ddrum Acoustic Pro Triggerset 5tlg., Trigger

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Trigger • Trigger-Set • Number of Trigger Zones: 2 • Mounting: screwed to clamping wheel • Connection: XLR • DDRUM DDTTKIT DD700PRO Consists of: 3 x Tom trigger 1 x Snare Stereo trigger 1 x Kick trigger Existing drum sensors consisting of piezo elements applied to the head of an acoustic drum have not been perceived as giving a "natural response." After analyzing the waveform patterns from acoustic drums, Clavia has created a patented transducer solution using vectored amplitude measurements (VAM). Other problems include double triggering (you strike the drum once and you hear additional unwanted strikes) and crosstalk (you strike Tom 1 and Tom 2 plays too). Two other common problems with conventional triggers are: durability (when you hit them accidentally they can break) and unreliable mounting methods. Triggers mounted using adhesives can accidentally separate from the drumhead. DRUM TRIGGER FEATURES: Playing dynamics are recognized in a "natural way," allowing for a realistic dynamic response across the entire drumhead (from the center of the head to the rim). Double triggering problem is reduced The special design trigger reduces the crosstalk problem. Together with ddrum sound modules — crosstalk and double triggering are totally eliminated. No muffling is needed. Shock-mounted construction XLR-Output for professional connection Fits most types of moulded hoops No adhesive is needed Safely secured at the hoop with a standard tension rod Sturdy construction All parts interchangeable ddrum Triggers Add a New Dimension to Drumming In the studio, for example, hook up your drum Triggers to existing acoustic drums and connect them to your sound module. You can combine great drum sounds with MIDI information almost instantly. On the road, custom-tailor your acoustic sound with the digital studio sounds in your ddrum sound module. Whether in studio sessions or on the road, the ddrum Triggers are the perfect choice for the demanding drummer. ddrumTriggers — a New Standard for Triggers With their superb tracking ability, ddrum Triggers set a new standard for trigger microphones. With absolutely no adhesives required, the ddrum triggers clamp onto the sides of standard drum hoops. The specially designed transducer is softly pressed against the drumhead. The advantages are obvious: You can change drumheads over and over without damaging the transducer. The metal casing protects the trigger from accidental drum hits. The ultra-light pressure of the transducer against the head prevents any "damping" effect. The XLR output ensures a reliable connection. Three Types of Triggers The ddrum triggers come in 3 different models and fit standard drum rim/hoops: Tom Tom, Kick drum and a special ddrum Trigger for the Snare, with a separate sensor for the Rim. Note: The snare trigger can also be used on tom toms. Try out the ddrum triggers. They are perfect for the demanding musician. They are rugged, roadworthy and very easily removable. When using ddrum triggers with a ddrum sound module it sounds like you´re playing a perfectly miked drum kit.