dbx 160SL

dbx 160SL, Dynamic Processor

Item number: 2816034
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Dynamic Processor • Classic Dual-Channel Compressor with V8 VCA Modules • PeakStopPlus Limiter • Dynamic Range of 127dB • Compressor / Limiter • Over-Easy Compression • Auto-Attack and Release • The dbx 160SL dynamics processor emulates the performance of the dbx 160 and 165A compressors, but adds the voicings of the newer dbx compressors, offering everything needed to process a variety of signals. Features include ultra high-drive transformer-coupled outputs, dbx Type IV conversion, and a system digital output option. Plus OverEasy & Reg; and hard-knee switchable settings, program-dependent auto attack, a release switch, and a front panel sidechain enable switch.
  • New patent-pending AutoVelocity Dynamics circuit
  • 127dB Dynamic Range
  • High-Drive output transformer drives 1000 ft. of Belden at .007% THD
  • Hard-knee / OverEasy switchable
  • Program-dependent "Auto", AutoVelocity Manual, or fully variable attack and release modes