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Taylor GS Mini Mahogany « Acoustic GuitarTaylor GS Mini Mahogany, Acoustic Guitar15 363 Kč Taylor GS Mini-e Walnut « Acoustic GuitarTaylor GS Mini-e Walnut, Acoustic Guitar17 928 Kč Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Mahagony « Acoustic GuitarTaylor BT2 Baby Taylor Mahagony, Acoustic Guitar10 234 Kč Taylor 114ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 114ce, Acoustic Guitar23 058 Kč Taylor A12e-N « Classical GuitarTaylor A12e-N, Classical Guitar19 210 Kč Taylor 214ce 2017 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 214ce 2017, Acoustic Guitar30 752 Kč Taylor 317e V-Class « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 317e V-Class, Acoustic Guitar51 270 Kč Taylor 614ce V-Class Bracing « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 614ce V-Class Bracing, Acoustic Guitar97 437 Kč Taylor Academy 10e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor Academy 10e, Acoustic Guitar17 928 Kč Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor « Acoustic GuitarTaylor BT1 Baby Taylor, Acoustic Guitar10 234 Kč Taylor 110e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 110e, Acoustic Guitar20 493 Kč Taylor 114e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 114e, Acoustic Guitar20 493 Kč Taylor 210 Deluxe NAT « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 210 Deluxe NAT, Acoustic Guitar23 058 Kč Taylor 324ce V-Class « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 324ce V-Class, Acoustic Guitar58 965 Kč Taylor 220ce-K DLX « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 220ce-K DLX, Acoustic Guitar43 576 Kč Taylor 710e WSB « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 710e WSB, Acoustic Guitar69 635 Kč Taylor A10 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor A10, Acoustic Guitar15 363 Kč Taylor A12e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor A12e, Acoustic Guitar17 928 Kč Taylor GS Mini-e Bass « Acoustic BassTaylor GS Mini-e Bass, Acoustic Bass17 928 Kč Taylor 214ce-CF DLX « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 214ce-CF DLX, Acoustic Guitar35 882 Kč Taylor Sapele Stand « Instrument StandTaylor Sapele Stand, Instrument Stand2 283 Kč Taylor 110ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 110ce, Acoustic Guitar23 058 Kč Taylor GS Mini Guitar Strap « Guitar StrapTaylor GS Mini Guitar Strap, Guitar Strap795 Kč Taylor Hygro-Thermometer, Big Digit « HygrometerTaylor Hygro-Thermometer, Big Digit, Hygrometer1 229 Kč Taylor Poly/Suede Strap Tan « Guitar StrapTaylor Poly/Suede Strap Tan, Guitar Strap898 Kč Taylor Poly/Suede Strap Black « Guitar StrapTaylor Poly/Suede Strap Black, Guitar Strap898 Kč Taylor Wave Bone 6 String RH GA/GC « Bridge InlayTaylor Wave Bone 6 String RH GA/GC, Bridge Inlay669 Kč Taylor 114e LH « Lefthand AcousticTaylor 114e LH, Lefthand Acoustic20 493 Kč Taylor 210e Deluxe NAT « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 210e Deluxe NAT, Acoustic Guitar28 213 Kč Taylor 224ce-K Deluxe 2018 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 224ce-K Deluxe 2018, Acoustic Guitar43 576 Kč Taylor 310e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 310e, Acoustic Guitar42 269 Kč Taylor 314ce V-Class « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 314ce V-Class, Acoustic Guitar53 835 Kč Taylor 316e Baritone-8 LTD « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 316e Baritone-8 LTD, Acoustic Guitar58 965 Kč Taylor 322e 12-Fret (2016) « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 322e 12-Fret (2016), Acoustic Guitar61 530 Kč Taylor 410e LTD « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 410e LTD, Acoustic Guitar57 893 Kč Taylor 414ce V-Class 2018 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 414ce V-Class 2018, Acoustic Guitar63 325 Kč Taylor 414ce-R V-Class 2018 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 414ce-R V-Class 2018, Acoustic Guitar68 737 Kč Taylor 514ce (2016) « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 514ce (2016), Acoustic Guitar76 918 Kč Taylor 514ce V-Class « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 514ce V-Class, Acoustic Guitar76 918 Kč Taylor 522e 12-Fret « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 522e 12-Fret, Acoustic Guitar77 099 Kč Taylor 562ce 12-Fret « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 562ce 12-Fret, Acoustic Guitar82 048 Kč Taylor 612e 12-fret « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 612e 12-fret, Acoustic Guitar97 002 Kč Taylor 614ce Builder's Edition 2019, WHB Top « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 614ce Builder's Edition 2019, WHB Top, Acoustic Guitar102 566 Kč Taylor 656ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 656ce, Acoustic Guitar91 999 Kč Taylor 714ce V-Class Bracing « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 714ce V-Class Bracing, Acoustic Guitar82 048 Kč Taylor 716ce WSB « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 716ce WSB, Acoustic Guitar94 872 Kč Taylor 752ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 752ce, Acoustic Guitar77 099 Kč Taylor 810e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 810e, Acoustic Guitar74 611 Kč Taylor 812ce 12-Fret DLX « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 812ce 12-Fret DLX, Acoustic Guitar94 487 Kč Taylor 812ce 12-Fret LTD « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 812ce 12-Fret LTD, Acoustic Guitar112 826 Kč Taylor 818e « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 818e, Acoustic Guitar100 002 Kč Taylor 856ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 856ce, Acoustic Guitar94 846 Kč Taylor 910ce « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 910ce, Acoustic Guitar99 489 Kč Taylor 914ce 2018 V-Class Bracing « Acoustic GuitarTaylor 914ce 2018 V-Class Bracing, Acoustic Guitar150 195 Kč Taylor A12 « Acoustic GuitarTaylor A12, Acoustic Guitar15 363 Kč Taylor Builder's Reserve VII ES « Acoustic GuitarTaylor Builder's Reserve VII ES, Acoustic Guitar128 214 Kč Taylor Case, NS4, Brown « Acoustic Guitar CaseTaylor Case, NS4, Brown, Acoustic Guitar Case4 233 Kč Taylor Custom Brazilian Rosewood « Acoustic GuitarTaylor Custom Brazilian Rosewood, Acoustic Guitar359 046 Kč Taylor Custom Dreadnought ES « Acoustic GuitarTaylor Custom Dreadnought ES, Acoustic Guitar94 641 Kč Taylor Custom Dreadnought ES « Acoustic GuitarTaylor Custom Dreadnought ES, Acoustic Guitar133 113 Kč


Taylor acoustic guitars are among the best and most beautiful instruments in the market. Every acoustic guitar player should own at least one Taylor.

Apart from Martin and Gibson, Taylor-instruments belong to the most popular guitars worldwide. Bob Taylor’s company makes beautiful guitars with an immaculate finish in absolute stunning quality and with an exquisite sound. Acclaimed endorser such as AMERICA, NEIL YOUNG, LEO KOTTKE, DAN CRARY, NANCY GRIFFITH and KATHY MATTEA depend on the perfect Taylor sound, the stunning pickups and the unmatched handling of this premium brand whilst performing.

Bob Taylor, his Partner Kurt Listug and about 10 employees founded the company Taylor Guitars in Lemon Grove, California in 1974. Taylor Guitars has grown to one of the leading american guitar manufacturers with over 500 employees ever since. Bob Taylor himself has developed several innovations in guitar building and new manufacturing techniques for the processing of precious woods. Examples include the bolt-on neck or the Expression pickup-system.

Taylor has a very interesting and manifold product range. The most successful Taylor guitars are the 300 and 400 series. Once or twice a year Taylor builds special runs like the Spring Limiteds and the Fall Limiteds. Bob Taylor is known to have pulled out the most exclusive woods from his private vaults to create extremely exclusive models. Such instruments are the Taylor Cujo, Taylor Koi-Fish, Taylor Grey Whale or the Taylor Sea-Turtle and they are very sought-after collectors pieces.Taylor offers an extensive range of guitars suitable for every playing situation, be it at home or onstage and they also go that extra mile, like the use of complex inlays or the use of unique materials.

Taylor has always been a pioneer of using modern technology for the production of acoustic guitars. The use of computers for designing as well as for production, have truly built a strong foundation for the ever-rising quality standards and new developments. Taylors patented neck-body connection introduced in 1999 and the Expression pickups developed together with audio legend Rupert Neve in 2003, have made the company to what it is today: a leading high end producer with a proud output of over 250 instruments a day.

Not to long ago Taylor, started to make ground in the mid price range sector. At first with 3/4-tuition guitars, better know as Baby Taylors, and then with the Taylor 15/16 Big Baby and eventually with the full-grown Taylor dreadnought 110-GB. The range has grown to a total of 13 different models, with over 60 individual versions all finished in a impressive quality, as well as a range of wonderful limited editions.
The Taylor guitar endorsers include: Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, America, Willy Astor, Beach Boys, Blink-182, Michelle Branch, Jeff Bridges, Cheap Trick, Cranberries, Neil Diamond, Dixie Chicks, Duran Duran, Doyle Dykes, The Edge, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Reinhard Fendrich, Peter Frampton, David Gilmour, Green Day, Billy Idol, Mick Jagger, Don Johnson, Mark Knopfler, Lenny Kravitz, Kenny Loggins, Madonna, Peter Maffay, Maroon 5, Richard Marx, Matchbox 20, Dave Matthews, Mickey Meinert (Juliane Werding, Schiller), Alanis Morissette, Jason Mraz, Chris Norman, Christoph Papendieck (Marianne Rosenberg, Schiller), Brad Pitt, R.E.M, Axl Rose, Richie Sambora, Schürzenjäger, The Scorpions, Bernd Stelter, Styx, Sum 41, Andy Summers, Travis, Shania Twain, Otto Walkes, Robbie Williams, Nancy Wilson, Neil Young and many more.