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Vocal Microphone Shure SM58 LCE
Vocal Microphone Shure SM58 LCEVocal Microphone Shure SM58 LCE (1)Vocal Microphone Shure SM58 LCE (2)Vocal Microphone Shure SM58 LCE (3)Vocal Microphone Shure SM58 LCE (4)

Shure SM58 LCE

(40 Ratings)
  • Type: Handheld Microphone
  • Transducer principle: Dynamic
  • diaphragm: Moving Coil
  • Pickup pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz - 15 kHz
  • max. SPL: No manufacturer specification
  • Pre-Attenuation: no
  • Low-Cut-Filter: no
  • Impedance: 300 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 1,8 mV/Pa
  • Phantom Power: None
  • Connection Plug: 3-pin XLR
  • Cable: not included
  • Special Features: pneumatic shock absorber
  • Color/ Finish: Black
  • Weight: 298 g
  • Including: Microphone, Stand Adapter, Bag

Shure SM58 LCE · Vocal Microphone

The Shure SM58 is the ultimate vocal mic and has been the industry-standard microphone for many years.
Characterised with a frequency response specifically tailored for vocals and delivering this warm, clear sound, the Shure SM 58 has become a legend among vocal microphones, worldwide. The SM 58 is a dynamic microphone for lead and backup vocals in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording. A built-in spherical filter effectively minimises wind and breath “pop” noise, while the cardioid pickup pattern reduces background noise and isolates the desired sound source. Due to its rugged construction, a proven shock mount system and a steel mesh grille this mic delivers consistent performance even with rough handling. Outdoors or indoors, singing or speech, the SM58 has been the number one for professionals around the globe for decades.

MP-Rating: The SM58 is the ultimate vocal mic with a frequency response is tailored for vocal applications. It delivers a warm and clear sound and that´s why it´s legendary. 5 Stars!

1 Star – still room for improvement!
2 Stars – satisfactory overall impression!
3 Stars – good price/performance value!
4 Stars – very recommendable!
5 Stars – highly recommendable!
6 Stars – unbeatable top product!

Models available:
Shure SM58 (see Item No. 2706007) without On/Off switch
Shure SM58S (see Item No. 2706027) with On/Off switch

Shure SM58 (Item No. 2706007) with no on / off switch
Shure SM58S (Item No. 2706027) with on / off switch


5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
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Average customer rating:
(40 Ratings)
4.6 out of 5 stars
Over all impression
Value for money


User on 14.12.2016

Clean true sound. Totally unbreakable.

This item was given an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. 1 review has been written. The comments are not the opinion of Musik Produktiv, they are the subjective opinions of our customers. 39 ratings exist without a text or these reviews are written in another language.
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