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Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad « Percussion PadRoland SPD-SX Sampling Pad, Percussion Pad16 560 Kč Roland V-Accordion FR-8X BK « Piano AccordionRoland V-Accordion FR-8X BK, Piano Accordion122 121 Kč Roland PM-100 Personal Monitor « Drum MonitorRoland PM-100 Personal Monitor, Drum Monitor7 972 Kč Roland TM-2 Trigger Module « Drum ModuleRoland TM-2 Trigger Module, Drum Module5 117 Kč Roland GR-55GK BK « Guitar SynthesizerRoland GR-55GK BK, Guitar Synthesizer15 403 Kč Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal « PadRoland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal, Pad4 603 Kč Roland KC-600 « Keyboard AmpRoland KC-600, Keyboard Amp16 175 Kč Roland Cube 10GX MP-Bundle « E-Guitar SetRoland Cube 10GX MP-Bundle, E-Guitar Set3 600 Kč Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller « Hi-Hat ControllerRoland FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller, Hi-Hat Controller2 546 Kč Roland RT-30K Acoustic Drum Trigger « TriggerRoland RT-30K Acoustic Drum Trigger, Trigger1 774 Kč Roland Cube Street EX « Guitar AmpRoland Cube Street EX, Guitar Amp14 118 Kč Roland RMIDI-B3 « MIDI CableRoland RMIDI-B3, MIDI Cable152 Kč Roland UM One mk2 « MIDI InterfaceRoland UM One mk2, MIDI Interface952 Kč Roland SP-404A « DJ SamplerRoland SP-404A, DJ Sampler12 472 Kč Roland Blues Cube Tone Capsule Skunk Baxter « Amp AccessoryRoland Blues Cube Tone Capsule Skunk Baxter, Amp Accessory3 832 Kč Roland DP-10 « Sustain PedalRoland DP-10, Sustain Pedal952 Kč Roland TDM-3 V-Drums Mat « Drum AccessoriesRoland TDM-3 V-Drums Mat, Drum Accessories1 774 Kč Roland V Drum FD-9 HiHat Trigger Controller « Hi-Hat ControllerRoland V Drum FD-9 HiHat Trigger Controller, Hi-Hat Controller4 860 Kč Roland AIRA TR-8S « SynthesizerRoland AIRA TR-8S, Synthesizer16 612 Kč Roland KC-200 « Keyboard AmpRoland KC-200, Keyboard Amp10 569 Kč Roland KC-80 « Keyboard AmpRoland KC-80, Keyboard Amp8 460 Kč Roland CY-13R V-Cymbal Ride « PadRoland CY-13R V-Cymbal Ride, Pad4 423 Kč Roland V-Accordion FR-4X BK « Piano AccordionRoland V-Accordion FR-4X BK, Piano Accordion80 925 Kč Roland CM-30 « Keyboard AmpRoland CM-30, Keyboard Amp6 403 Kč Roland FP-30 WH « Stage PianoRoland FP-30 WH, Stage Piano14 272 Kč Roland Boutique K-25m « SynthesizerRoland Boutique K-25m, Synthesizer2 263 Kč Roland Cube Street BLK « Guitar AmpRoland Cube Street BLK, Guitar Amp6 532 Kč Roland CY-12C V-Cymbal Crash « PadRoland CY-12C V-Cymbal Crash, Pad4 166 Kč Roland F-140R-WH « Digital PianoRoland F-140R-WH, Digital Piano26 538 Kč Roland HiHat Stand RDH-120 « Hi-Hat StandRoland HiHat Stand RDH-120, Hi-Hat Stand4 044 Kč Roland Juno-DS 88 « SynthesizerRoland Juno-DS 88, Synthesizer24 146 Kč Roland SPD-SX Bag « Percussion BagRoland SPD-SX Bag, Percussion Bag1 993 Kč Roland SPD-SX Special Edition Sampling Pad « Percussion PadRoland SPD-SX Special Edition Sampling Pad, Percussion Pad19 981 Kč Roland TD-1K V-Drums « Electronic Drum KitRoland TD-1K V-Drums, Electronic Drum Kit10 595 Kč Roland CD-2u « Digital RecorderRoland CD-2u, Digital Recorder17 975 Kč Roland FP-90 BK « Stage PianoRoland FP-90 BK, Stage Piano42 147 Kč Roland Integra-7 « SynthesizerRoland Integra-7, Synthesizer38 958 Kč Roland RT-30HR Acoustic Drum Trigger « TriggerRoland RT-30HR Acoustic Drum Trigger, Trigger1 672 Kč Roland Boutique D-05 « SynthesizerRoland Boutique D-05, Synthesizer8 795 Kč Roland Cube Street RED « Guitar AmpRoland Cube Street RED, Guitar Amp6 840 Kč Roland DJ-202 « DJ-ControllerRoland DJ-202, DJ-Controller7 689 Kč Roland FP-30 WH Deluxe Set « Stage PianoRoland FP-30 WH Deluxe Set, Stage Piano20 546 Kč Roland JD-Xi « SynthesizerRoland JD-Xi, Synthesizer12 060 Kč Roland NE-10 Noise Eater « Drum AccessoriesRoland NE-10 Noise Eater, Drum Accessories2 546 Kč Roland RH-5 « HeadphoneRoland RH-5, Headphone694 Kč Roland RP102-BK « Digital PianoRoland RP102-BK, Digital Piano19 415 Kč Roland AIRA System-1 « SynthesizerRoland AIRA System-1, Synthesizer11 546 Kč Roland Kick Drum Pedal RDH-100 « Bassdrum PedalRoland Kick Drum Pedal RDH-100, Bassdrum Pedal3 729 Kč Roland RPB-200BK « piano benchRoland RPB-200BK, piano bench3 317 Kč Roland VH-11 V-Hi-Hat « PadRoland VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, Pad8 460 Kč Roland Aerophone Go AE-05 « SynthesizerRoland Aerophone Go AE-05, Synthesizer11 778 Kč Roland Juno-DS 61 « SynthesizerRoland Juno-DS 61, Synthesizer17 435 Kč Roland KD-7 Kick Trigger « PadRoland KD-7 Kick Trigger, Pad3 060 Kč Roland Micro Cube GX Black « Guitar AmpRoland Micro Cube GX Black, Guitar Amp3 574 Kč Roland RMIDI-B5 « MIDI CableRoland RMIDI-B5, MIDI Cable167 Kč Roland TDM-20 V-Drums Mat « Drum AccessoriesRoland TDM-20 V-Drums Mat, Drum Accessories5 117 Kč Roland V-Drums TDM-25 Drum Mat « Drum AccessoriesRoland V-Drums TDM-25 Drum Mat, Drum Accessories4 500 Kč Roland Double-Bassdrum-Pedal RDH-102 « Bassdrum PedalRoland Double-Bassdrum-Pedal RDH-102, Bassdrum Pedal7 509 Kč Roland JD-XA « SynthesizerRoland JD-XA, Synthesizer44 538 Kč Roland FP-60 WH « Stage PianoRoland FP-60 WH, Stage Piano33 687 Kč


The Roland Corporation is a manufacturer of electronic music instruments, studio technic and software. The company Roland was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka/Japan on 18th April 1972 and cost 33 million yen. Kakehashi´s family still holds the majority of Roland company shares. Kakehashi himself stayed president of the company until 1995 when Tadao Kikumoto became president and Kakehashi remained chairman. Till then Kikumoto had been the director of the departement for product development. The eponym of the company is the French Chanson Le Chanson de Roland.

Today Roland has factories in Japan, the United States, Italy and Taiwan and can be considered one of the most important brands for eletronic music instruments on the market by far. The succesful company development has lead to worldwide distribution and/or settlement. With the legendary instruments Roland TR-808 (1981), Roland TB-303 (1982) and Roland TR-909 (1983), Roland has had strong influence on the techno-/electo-scene. Yet, the Roland TB-303 was a great big flop when it was launched. The rugged bass synthesizer sounded extremely synthetic and couldn´t really fulfill it´s real purpose, namely the simulation of a real bass. It took until the end of the 80s/beginning of the 90s, when the techno-szene flourished, for the Roland TB-303 to advance to a cult-instrument. Since then the sounds of the Roland 303 and the Roland 909 have been ominpresent; in acid-music these machines were almost solely used. Whilst the Roland 303-hype at the end of the 90s flattened a little, nowadays electronic music is not imagineable without the sounds of the Roland TR-808 and Roland TR-909.

Today Roland is still one of the most important manufacturers in the electronic music sector. In 1996, due to the Roland MC-303, Roland founded the instrument category of groove boxes (a mixture of sampler, sequenzer and synthesizer). The "fantom" shares top place on the market for keyboard-workststions alongside the Yamaha Motif and the Korg Triton. The synthesizers of the Jupiter-series, the SH-101 and other instruments count as classics in this area. The Roland V-Synth, which appeared on the market in 2003, combines high-quality samples, granular synthesis as well as flexible filters and modules in one machine. Roland also crops up under the following brands: Edirol, Rodgers Instruments, Boss, Roland Digital Group and RSS. Roland can also be distinguished by it´s wide product range. Current Roland products are the Roland V-Synth, Roland MC-909, Roland Juno D, Roland Fantom X and Roland MV8000.

In 1996 Roland became the first Japanese manufacturer to be certified ISO 9000. In the same year Roland gave MICROSOFT the licence to use the GS-format on the internet.