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RME Digiface USB

RME Digiface USB Audio Interface

Item number: 10094123
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Audio Interface · USB-Audio-Schnittstellen · Design: Desktop · Sampling Rate: 192 kHz · Resolution: 24-Bits · Analogue In/Out: 0 In / 2 out · PC Connection: USB 2.0 · Digital In/Out: 4x ADAT I/O · Monitor Mixing: Hardware Monitoring DSP controlled · Bus Powered: yes The Digiface USB is an extremely compact, portable digital audio interface with 4 optical ADAT / SPDIF inputs and outputs and a high-quality analogue headphone output (6.3 mm jack). Built on the legendary HDSP Digiface, a triple ADAT I/O interface with headphone and PCI connector, the Digiface USB simplifies the connection via USB 2.0, does not require an external power supply, and even adds another optical input and output. This results in a total of four TOSLINK inputs and outputs (64-channel ADAT I / O @ 48 kHz) and an analogue headphone output.

  • 32 input / 34 output channels
  • 4 x ADAT / SPDIF input
  • 4 x ADAT / SPDIF Output
  • 1 x headphone TRS stereo output
  • No external power supply required
  • Sample frequencies from 28 kHz up to 200 kHz
  • 66 channels of I/O via USB 2.0
  • ADAT and SPDIF I/O can be used simultaneously
  • Compact and portable (220g only)
  • RME low latency driver
  • TotalMix Software: 2244 channel mixer with 46 bit internal resolution (without DSP effects)
  • SteadyClock ™ II for maximum jitter suppression
  • SynchCheck ™ checks sync of the input signals
  • SyncAlign ™ guarantees sample-accurate and never-changing channel assignments
  • USB Bus-Powered Operation
  • Digicheck Analysis and Metering Software

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