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Reeds and Accessories Reed Holder Brand Instrument
  • Alto Saxophone

  • Baritone saxophone

  • Tenor saxophone

  • Soprano saxophone

  • Clarinet (Boehm)

  • Clarinet (German)

  • Fabric

  • Metal

  • Leather

Reed Holder

How a reed screw (ligature) influences the sound Can a ligature really influence the sound and response of the instrument at all? Yes! Because the vibration generated by the reed has to be transferred to the mouthpiece, and this is where the reed screw plays a major role. Factors such as material, contact surfaces and pressure of the reed are decisive for the timbre, articulation and projection of the sound. Ligatures made of fabric or leather provide a rounder, softer sound. A metal insert adds brilliance and projection. A rubberized plate enhances the round and warm character. With their intimate timbre, they are great for small rooms and chamber music. Metal ligatures give greater volume and projection. They are perfect for large halls and soloists. Additional gold plating gives more warmth to the sound. So it makes perfect sense to have more than one reed screw. The choice of the right ligature depends on the desired sound, music style or even the place where it is played.