Palmer PTINO Amp Switcher

Palmer PTINO Amp Switcher, Little Helper

Item number: 10046829
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Little Helper • Amp Switcher • Play two amplifiers into one Cab • Can also be used as normal AB box • Internal buffer • The Palmer PTINO Amp Switcher allows two guitar amplifiers to be operated alternatively on only one loudspeaker cab. It is not a problem to operate the switcher with tubeamps (which require a load at the loudspeaker output), transistoramps or a combination of both amplifier types. Switching between the guitar amplifiers is done via a switch on the front panel of the switch or with a standard foot switch. The guitar signal is routed to the selected amplifier, the input of the unused amplifier is short-circuited - a buffer is integrated to avoid noise. The loudspeaker outputs are connected in parallel to the switching of the amplifier inputs, and the mute-connected amplifier is connected to a dummy load to avoid dangerous no-load operation. In the outputs of the switcher high-quality transmitters do their duty, so that no annoying humming loops arise.