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Crash-Cymbal Paiste PSTX 14" Swiss Thin Crash
Crash-Cymbal Paiste PSTX 14" Swiss Thin CrashCrash-Cymbal Paiste PSTX 14" Swiss Thin Crash (1)

Paiste PSTX 14" Swiss Thin Crash

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  • Diameter: 14" (35,56 cm)
  • Alloy: special CuSn8 Bronze
  • Finish: Regular
  • Thickness: thin
  • Sound: Exotic, warm, trashy, with short Sustain
  • Production: Machine hammered
  • Product code: Swiss Thin Crash

Paiste PSTX 14" Swiss Thin Crash · Crash-Cymbal

PST X is a complete collection of extremely affordable effect cymbals. The heart of the PST X are the Swiss models. Cymbals that achieve a noisy, dirty, trashy sound quality by using specific layouts and different hole sizes. Their silky surface visually distinguishes the cymbals. The Pure Bells made of aluminum are characterized by their distinctive character and concept.

With the PST X series, all volume settings are covered. From discreetly quiet to brute loud, from live performances to studio recordings. The whole range of music styles is covered by the PST X-series.

Loud, dirty, trashy, exotic and explosive effect sounds are waiting to be discovered. The Pure Bells, on the other hand, are warm, calm and carrying.


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Swiss Thin Crash
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