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The company Mackie was established in 1989 and is situated in Seattle/USA, the same town as Boeing and Microsoft. It is part of the LOUD technologies group (Mackie, Tapco and EAW) and is building its market leadership. The brand Mackie stands for highly innovative high-end products. Mackie is well known for its mixer TT-24, the new speakers SRM-350, the digital studio mixer dBx and studio products such as Mackie Spike or the Mackie Onyx series. All products are landmarks and very interesting for all that know what it’s all about. The Mackie story begins in 1969 in the small American town of Mukilteo in the State Washing. Here Greg Mackie and Martin Schneider founded the company TAPCO. Before this Greg Mackie was busy with making custom guitar amp’s, and PA speakers. Soon he found out that there was a huge market for low price mixers. A newly designed mixer should hold up to the high volumes in rock, this idea was the birth of TAPCO. The company flourished and further mixers like the TAPCO 6000 and 6100R came to the market, In 1977 Greg Mackie left TAPCO. In the time after the split he worked for Audio Control and was busy designing analyzers, crossovers and other 19” gear, he also spent a large amount of time making music.

In 1989 the time had come to start a new company, this time bearing his name. The company grew fast and soon became a serious market counterpart. The perfect interaction of realistic requirement- and market analysis, developing, engineering, finishing quality and a good marketing concept made the company to what it is today. When tested it’s almost impossible to beat Mackie in value for money. Mackie is already established worldwide and is one of the most successful companies on the market. Mackie products are very sought-after, even professionals like Elton John, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Herbert Grönemeyer have been counting on the equipment for years. In 2003 a new TAPCO product range was started. This is the brand Mackie uses to offer beginners instruments for live and recording. TAPCO redefined the meaning of value for money in this price range. Furthermore the company launched TAPCO and Mackie ranges for ProAudio and recording.