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Patch Cable Karl's Solderless-Wire Kit
Patch Cable Karl's Solderless-Wire KitPatch Cable Karl's Solderless-Wire Kit (1)

Karl's Solderless-Wire Kit

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  • Typ: Patch cable
  • From plug: Mono jack
  • Plug: Mono jack
  • Cable length: Multi Pack
  • Cable colour: Black
  • Solderless self assembly with space saving plugs
  • super flexible cable
  • Assembly tools included
  • Including: Set (3.6 m cable, 12 plugs)

Karl's Solderless-Wire Kit · Patch Cable

The Karl's Solderless Wire Kit is the practical and space-saving solution for pedalboards. The solderless, short monocable plug in the set can be used both as an angle connector or as a straight connector. Thanks to the very flexible cable, extremely short connections between 2 effect pedals can be realized. The mounting of the connectors is straightforward: cut the cable straight with a sharp cutter, then forcefully press into the connector, tighten the small grub screw and the tailor-made patch cable is ready. The plug connectors are produced by the American connector specialist G & H, the cable has a very good shielding and first-class audio data. Individual connectors and cables are also available seperately.

Karl's Solderless-Wire

Nothing is nicer than a tidy and neatly wired pedalboard. With Karl's Solderless Wire the whole thing becomes a piece of cake, you can cut your cable to your own required lengths and wire up your jacks easilyusing a solderless system.

The G & H Industries Solderless plugs provide a permanently secure connection and can be used both as straight and angled plugs. These plugs also take up almost no space!

The cable used has technical data that hardly any other manufacturer can offer. It is flexible, can be easily worked with and above all: It sounds fantastic!


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  • Audio Wiring
    Karl's Solderless-Wire BLK - 1 m
    Karl's Solderless-Wire BLK - 1 m
    196 Kč