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With over 50 years of experience K&M ha s become one of the best-known manufactures of high quality accessories in the music scene. At Musik Produktive we have many years of experience with the K&M products, they are always among the top sellers for stands, music stands and other equipment.

The company was founded on 1. Mai 1949 by Karl König und Erich Meyer using the brandname König & Meyer (K&M) in Wertheim. K&M started production of music stands and chromatic tuners with a total of 10 employees. Quality, innovative design, functionality and exclusive materials have always been very important and make every K&M product something special. Legendary bands like the Beatles, the Dire Straits, Reamonn, Silbermond and many others relied and still rely on K&M whilst performing, just as many classic orchestras world wide.

Like no other company in this business K&M has understood that the compromise less quality orientated conception of musical accessories and the realising of innovative ideas, would pave the path to become the epitome of perfection. K&M-music stands, K&M-microphone and instrument stands, K&M-speaker stands, K&M-seats as well as the hole range of K&M-accessories for lighting solutions, PA solutions and studio technology, that are made in Wertheim are affiliated by optimised production and first class materials, functionality and aesthetics. The K&M products have often been copied, but were never matched.

K&M products can now be found in around 80 countries worldwide. 60 % and more of the production leaves Germany to go into export. Modern computer technologies are used whilst developing, constructing and manufacturing at K&M and forms the foundation for the success of K & M.