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J-Bass Guitars

The J-Bass is one of the most famous and popular basses around the world. Fender introduced the Jazz Bass for the first time in 1960. Generally, the Jazz Bass is a further development of the Precision Bass, which is ten years its senior. The enhancements are mostly a thinner neck, a distinctive contoured body and two single coil pickups with separate volume controls. Those can be used both at a time or individually, which makes the Jazz Bass very versatile and deployable in various musical styles. Through the years, many Bass guitar manufacturers have steered their optics towards the Jazz Bass shape but through incorporating their own technical and production skills have created Bass guitars which they can quite rightly call their own, such as Sandberg, Lakland and Squier although Squier being part of the Fender Family, is in its own right the more inexpensive alternative to the Fender models.