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The company Alverez was founded 1965 by the Japanese lute maker Kazuo Yairi in St Louis, Missouri. Alvarez offered a range of simple and affordable acoustic guitars and very exclusive and special handmade masterpieces, very expensive and with very long shipping times. Alvarez has always been handmade. The company as it is now uses the experience of its luthiers to keep this tradition. The product range offers a wide variety of acoustic dreams. The one of a kind handmade Alvarez guitar are made of exclusive woods and have a fantastic playability and offer a balanced tone and the best quality. Alvarez has now followed the trend of many other manufacturers and produces the bottom end Alvarez guitars in China and the top end “Alvarez –Yairi” in America. The product range in America is much bigger than it is in Europe. Many great musicians like: Aaron Lewis, Any DiFranco, Carlos Santana, David Crosby, Luke Bloom or Zakk Wylde belong to the Alvarez Endorsers.